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Meet The Books! - Alomina

Hello again, comrades! :D I'm sorry for my absence as of late. Unfortunately, to celebrate with my loved ones the Christmas season, I may be absent a bit more for the next small span of time. But, as of now, for my coming-back, I am introducing a temporary new feature on this blog. This feature is called Meet The Books!, and I will be doing it for a little while on here. It will be to the purpose of introducing one-by-one my novels on here, so the world can hear me rant about them and understand. ;) Just kidding. It will be to introduce novels, but other bloggers (if they wish! I will not hold it badly if no one does!) may also participate if they wish to. I only ask that, if they do, they will link in a comment below so that I may see. Now, I will be doing this only until my current existing books have been covered (because I cannot figure out how to have a permanent post displaying them), but others may do it as long as they like, providing that anyone else does wish to participate. I will, in all hopes, eventually cover them all (with the exception of In Greater Hands, as I introduced that via Beautiful Books). So, without further ado, I shall proceed to the first Meet The Books! feature.

I thought, for the first of this feature, what would be more appropriate then doing it with my first recognizable story? (though, like I said, if you do take part, you don't have to do your first book. The only rule is to link back!). So, I shall demonstrate with my first book, Alomina. It has no title, but I call it this after the heroine (although, sometimes when I talk about it I also call it A Journey Of Hope or The Book Of Many Journeys). It is also genreless as of now, unfortunately. I can't call it action/adventure because the action doesn't start until like the ninth chapter, I can't call it fantasy because there is no magic or magical creatures/events, I can't call it historical fiction because it takes place in a made-up world, even though in middle-ages-ish setting. So, I will leave you with whatever you make of the titleless, genreless thing. :)  
Who are the characters? *pricks head up* Ahh! My favorite thing to talk about! However, unfortunately, this book has the least amount of characters in any of my overpopulated stories. The immediately main characters are Lord Percy de Blyrwen, an unmarried Tresintan Lord of age 20 (or so), and his somewhat child-like sister, Lady Alomina (or Mina, for short) de Blyrwen, also unmarried, at about age 17 or 18. The eventual main characters (the ones coming in later, or taking less precedence) are a mysterious half-foreigner called by the name Count Charles Montefore (usually just 'the Count'), and a haughty princess named Celeise. I also have a main villain whom I will try not to mention because he needs time right now. After that, I only have much smaller characters, like King Edarian of Tresinta (a fav of mine, and Celeise's father), Percy and Mina's flustered aunt, and King Lucellus (whom I will also try not to talk about because he doesn't enter until like the last fifth of the book).          

Percy's looks I will briefly describe. He has chocolate brown hair, and - as of now - brown eyes (I may change this detail soon for bright blue eyes, because that is now more complying with my mental picture of him). To sum it up better, he looks a lot like Kit from Cinderella (or at least, that's as close in looks as I've found).

Okay, this particular picture on the left actually looks a ton like Percy, especially Percy in Chapter Nine.
  Alomina looks like Percy's sibling, to be sure. She has similar hair color, but blue-green eyes, like peacock-colored almost. I can't really find a picture of anyone at all that looks enough like her, so I won't put one here. Maybe someday I will be lucky enough to find one. :)

The Count is very dark-haired and has light-brown eyes. These looks (particularly the eyes) are what first mark him out as at least semi-foreign. He has an air of intrigue and mystery about him, which interests and confuses the curious heroine. He looks a bit like Will Turner of PotC, except perhaps more hardened.

Yep, this looks like the Count alright, except maybe a touch more medieval-ish, and more hardened-looking.

Princess Celeise looks regal, perhaps even more regal than she acts, if that is possible. She is
somewhat cold at first, but soon enough is revealed as very humanly doubtful and struggling. She has yellow hair (I say yellow, but gold sounds more poetic, so let's say gold), and blue eyes (yes, I know, all you cleche-police out there are probably calling me out on the whole blonde-hair-blue-eyes thing, but it really is most common for blonde people to have blue eyes rather than another color. I should know, as me and my family show it very well!). I have no prepared picture of Celeise either, I'm afraid, but I always though if there was a movie made, either Natalie Portman or Lily James could be a good Celeise, if that helps to illustrate her looks at all. Well, I don't know, maybe this picture could pass...

It does look a bit like her... and that definitely is a dress she would wear, if you'd just raise the neckline some more.
What does the plot consist of?
Well, I can't really answer that directly. Spoilers! However, a friend wrote a brilliant pitch for it, which I edited, and will show:

The sister and brother de Blyrwen are content with their peaceful and happy life. They are together, and that's really what matters to them. But, soon, the night of a seemingly-innocent ball enters them into not only very dangerous personal lives, but the intrigue of the century, and a journey for their last chance at aid. Little hope do they think they have. But sometimes the only hope can come from unexpected places...

I know, I know. I'm probably going to answer the door in a few moments and find I'm being arrested by those pesky cleche-police. But I'll fight, dear readers, so don't worry. ;)

What is the setting?
Well, the setting is mostly in one of the two main countries, Tresinta (the de Blyrwen's home), and Vellethia (Count Montefore's birthplace). And, the countries in between them, Matruna and Ertin also are a part of the setting when the great journey is taking place. I have a map of these countries, but unfortunately the picture of it is blurry, so I won't add that in. Mainly, I'd say the setting exists of five main locations in this rough order:
1. The De Blyrwen Estates.
2. The Tresintan Royal Palace.
3. The Forest Road (okay, seeing as this road goes through four countries, technically that's not one location, but it works for me).
4. The countryside/highway of Vellethia.
5. The Vellethian Royal Palace.
I know most of you are probably thinking that doesn't sound too interesting, but I did what I could with it. :)
Who are the favorite characters in it?
Well, that really ranges very widely, actually. One reader's favorite is Percy undisputedly. Another's, I think is Percy, but I also remember her saying she particularly liked Celeise, so I'm not sure. And then, the last two main readers favor Montefore, the mysterious Count, of all people. Weirdos. (maybe it's that amazing face of his...?) :P But, overall, I think the main favorite is good ole Perce. But, I mean, with a smile like the one above, how could you not like Percy? However, I am somewhat ashamed of my favorite character here, so, as of now, I shan't tell the name of that party. Although, King Edarian is also one of my favs, for how small a character he is. I do hope I don't get any dumb readers who hate him or anything. :(
What is the favorite scene?
Well, so far, the scene that's gotten the most attention is the pre-climax climax (a brilliant term for that part of the book right before the real climax, isn't it?). Everybody jumped on me for that one... It might have been because I stopped at a really bad spot, though.... *thinks a moment about that* Naaaaa! That's not it.... ;)
Any snippets...?
You bet ya! ;)
The leaves that had slowly drifted from the trees flurried in the breeze behind them, and the ones blanketing the ground crunched beneath the horses' swiftly falling feet. Alomina enjoyed it so much she could not use words to describe it. It felt like the winds were the wings she soared on, through eternities that passed in a moment.
Then, as Percy was absent-mindedly walking on, he ran unwittingly straight into a noblewoman, spilling his champagne on her, and nearly knocking her over! Oh no.... In the split second afterwards, he managed to catch her and keep her from falling down completely.

"I am so sorry, my lady...", Percy said apologetically, letting go of her and putting down the champagne glasses.

"Your Highness, actually", she said angrily, standing up and smoothing her skirts.
Yes, she would definitely turn a cold scepter to him when she saw him again! If, if I ever see him again, she corrected herself. When, dear, when, she re-corrected herself as she went off to her bedroom.
He then reached huge black doors, decorated skillfully but with dark bearing. He pushed them open with a force only necessary to open such ancient and untended doors. The Count had traveled three and a half days to reach this midway point in his journey. All the way to a crumbling castle in the bordering edge of Vellethia, just to see what this man wanted.
Percy, now alone with his thoughts, experiences a very unpleasant sensation. He felt as though his entire world had tried to warm itself by the first, then, when it got to close to the heat, it began to blur and melt before his eyes, cracking like the pillars of a once-great monument and wasting away like candle wax before a blazing wildfire. He fancied he heard splitting noises, like the foundations of his heart, crackling into a charred, forgotten ruin. When he finally stunbled back into the main room, he sat alone on a chair in the corner, and, when spoken to, only weakly smiled and replied as laconically as possible.
Celeise was cold with the breath of the night, and pale with the chill of the darkest hours. She stared out at the aged night as it broke from its blackened tone into a wizened gray. The breeze blew carelessly about her, tossing her snow-white gown around her slight figure, and scattering her golden tresses over her pale and scantily-covered shoulders. In that solemn state, she watched the silver sullenness of the day's beginning streak through its many shades. How frigid and shadowed was this hour indeed.
Alomina rode on. Suddenly there it was again: the rustling noise sounded, even louder and nearer than before, making Alomina start. She was just on the edge of the estates, and now she was considering going back. She then checked herself for such a ludicrous idea. What foolishness! Why should she go back? Because she heard some nothing that she imagined to be something? No, what a silly notion, of course. So she simply turned back to see if there was anything there. But when she turned to look - just as before - there was nothing. Perhaps it had been hidden... or hidden itself. It seemed as though whatever had made the noises was steadily following her.
The person abruptly turned, and moved towards Alomina. The vague form was now so close that if her vision had been less blurred, she would have been able to distinguish his every feature. But, right before he was within touching distance, her sight spun and faded, and once again everything was veiled in darkness.
Then, suddenly Percy stood upright. His poor lady would no longer in vain cry for him. He knew what he must do. He would had to take such matters into his own hands. If only he in all the kingdom could help her then, well... so be it. He strode back through the hall and replaced his hat, now quite firmly resolved on what would be done.
The Count would sleep over the idea. He would put it out of his mind. If he had to think about it, he would do it in the morning. He closed his eyes in wait for sleep, but tonight, he had a feeling sleep was turned against him.
Okay, I would put more snippets if I had more time, more room (and more readers), but for now that's it. :) And... I have a bit of a surprise today, as promised! :) However, first, I have some illustrations for the story, to give you an atmosphere of the story and a glimpse of my family's/friends' wonderful illustrating talents. ;)

A picture drawn by my ten-year-old sister, of Percy in the mountains.
Not as good, but still okay. A picture drawn by me, of Mina riding.
An unfinished drawing of my own, of Alomina and the wolves.

A lovely picture of Percy in the mountains again drawn by my twelve-year-old sister. She signed it up in the corner with her nickname, 'Ishi'.

An absolutely amazing picture of Mina in her ball gown, drawn by a very obliging friend.

My own blurry drawing, of Alomina herself, rather roughened from a hard journey.

Another of my drawings, of Mina (plus a mysterious companion) on their journey.

Anyways, a bunch of lovely pictures from my helpers, and a few rather horrid ones from me. :) I know, I know. Now all of you are probably groping for the promised surprise. Well, I'll get to it eventually. In fact, why not now? Alright! Hereon, I am introducing character interviews! I am now opening up character interviews on this blog, beginning with the characters from Mina's story. I will allow my lovely commenters to vote on which character from the story they shall have, and henceforth, so as to let them do just that, shut my enormous mouth. :) You lovely readers have the choice of...
Lady Alomina de Blyrwen - the child-like heroine, of timid but loyally determined character.

Lord Percy de Blyrwen - Mina's loving brother, sweet, and with an iron-set protectiveness of his loved ones.
Princess Celeise Anatria de-Vistrina Ellette of Tresinta - Maybe some mouthful of a title, but she's always trying to live up to every letter of it, no matter what it takes.
King Edarian Dertan de-Carta Ellette of Tresinta - Celeise's father, and the strong but struggling king, only trying to do what is best, despite the burdens weighed upon him and his daughter.
Well, people, thus lie the choices! How you vote is entirely up to you! :) Depending on who is voted for and how fast, I shall post a bio soon, and from there take off with interviewing. :) (P.S., For anyone who might wish to read Alomina, I have posted it up to Chapter Thirteen on a lovely critique-site here. Merry Christmas, all! :)
So, what did you think?! Did you like meeting Mina and her book? Did you like the surprise? Were you disappointed? Were you surprised I didn't mention Il Divo even once? What did you think of those lovely drawings? Will you participate in Meet The Books!? If so, be sure to link up so that I can see! (And yes, you are allowed to take the Meet The Books! picture with you if you do participate.) :D

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Infinity Dreams Award

Bongiornio, comrades! I hope you guys are in the mood for another tag, because they're flooding in as though my blog were an Il Divo concert. :) Ahem... Anyways, as I was saying, I hope you're in the mood for a tag, because I've got another one. And I assure you, I have at least two others to get to as well in their good time soon enough. But this particular tag is called The Infinity Dreams Award, and I was tagged for it by the splendiferous, amazing, absolutely stupendous tag-pelter, Miss Lucy Agnes. ;)

So, there we have the little emblem for this thingy. And my lovely technical terms. :) Anyways, the rules of the tag are as follows:
Thank the blogger who tagged you (already did it!).
Answer eleven questions from tagger.
Give eleven facts about yourself.
Set eleven questions.
Tag eleven bloggers to answer those questions and do the same.
Alrighty, since I have done the former, I shall set onto the next rule... Lucy's questions...
What's your dream travel destination?
Uh, Rome! Rome, Rome, Rome! There are no words to express how I wish to see it! :D So, seeing as even I cannot rant on long enough to elaborate this feeling, I shall move onto the next question.
If you could change your own name, would you? To what?
At one point, I would have said yes wholeheartedly. There was a point when I hated my name. But, now... Well, let me put it this way. Even being named after one of the greatest historical figures of all time, I liked my name, but never really cared a whole lot. Then, I hear the Il Divo song Isabel. Well, after I heard David Miller of Il Divo say my name (kind-of) I could never hear it the same way again. So, I would never in a million years change my name. Plus I have the same name as a cool Disney princess. ;)
Would you rather be a giant or an elf?
Um, I can see too many complications arising from being a giant, setting aside the fact that elves are supremely awesome. So, definitely an elf.
If you could master any language instantly, what would it be?
Probably Italian. It's such a lovely, musical-sounding language! :) Besides, if I knew it, then I could understand more of the words to opera arias. Actually... on second thought... maybe that wouldn't be such a good idea... :P
Tell us a little bit about historical figures/stories you find mesmerizing.
Oh, why, Lucy? Why do you have to keep telling me to do hard things? There are waaaaaay too many historical stories and figures that interest me to mention here. But, I did always love that one story about the Roman officer right before a naval battle. The people onboard told him not to go to battle because the 'sacred' chickens weren't eating (which apparently was a sign of bad luck). But, he got very angry, and decided to go to war all the same, throwing the chickens over the side of the ship, and saying "Well, if they shall not eat, then let them drink!". Haha... I always loved that story. It's very hilariously ironic. And what makes it even more ironic is that he lost that battle afterwards. :)
If you had to choose a spouse from fiction, who would you choose?
Oh, again Lucy?! Really, Luce, you're trying to kill me off or something, asking me to decide things like this. I think I might go well with Robin Hood. I can see myself fretting over some injury he got, and him just laughing it off. Or me sighing because he did something sweet and heroic but highly dangerous... Yeah, I can also see myself with Will Turner of Pirates. At least I would treat him far better than dummy Elizabeth Swann does (come to me, Will, just leave that dumbo!). Actually, though, perhaps most of all, I could see myself with Prince Gwydion of the Prydain Chronicles. My semi-vivacious character would contrast and complement very well his slightly more quiet nature. Yes, I think Gwydion would do nicely! :)
Say the White Witch is about to cast a spell over your country. She lets you decide what season it shall be eternally. What do you choose?
Autumn. Definitely autumn. It's the most beautiful, most pleasant, most thrilling season. I love the autumn. Definitely my favorite.

What's one thing you hope to accomplish before you die?
Getting all my books finished and published, I guess. I would absolutely love that. And I would also love the make a career in music and acting (Broadway particularly). And I would also, perhaps most of all, love to become influential in apologetics. Not as a career, but writing books on it, and speaking every so often to defend my faith. That would be amazing, to know I'm doing something that will make a difference.
What's your taste in books like when it comes to reading? Writing?
Oh, oh, oh! Lucy, you may get complaints in the comments from people who didn't want  me to rant forever. ;) Because that is one of my favorite subjects to talk about. Reading - I love classics (particularly Little Women, The Scarlet Pimpernel, and Robin Hood by H. Pyle). I love historical fiction (particularly Outlaws Of Ravenhurst, Rolf And The Viking Bow, and the idea of Enemy Brothers, a book I'm about to read). I love certain types of fantasy (particularly The Hobbit, The Horse And His Boy, and The Goose Girl). Writing - I love poeticisms. Anything beautiful is what I try to incorporate into my writing. I try to capture beauty and virtue as well as I can, so that readers have something to look up to in the book and its characters. I also try to display art, like wit and  structure. But, most of all, I try to incorporate hope. I  follow the classical style of writing in most things but this. I never liked reading a book that was depressing, or had an ending that made you incredibly sad. So I try to give hope and happiness to my books. Even at every dark moment, there has to be some element of hope, or else your reader will commit suicide before they finish the book. And that would not be good. :)
What's your favorite song?
Well... My dear friend Anna D. will probably not like this, but my favorite song is most likely On The Street Where You Live from My Fair Lady. Although I also love the song More by Andy Williams. It is the love-theme for one of my book characters, Prince Blakely. And I do love the song Angelina by Il Divo (yes, I had to get an Il Divo song in there, didn't I?).
What book would you recommend to any random person on the street?
The Scarlet Pimpernel! I think everybody in the world should read that book at some point in their lives (preferably as soon as possible). Anyone who has not read that book is missing a piece of their hearts until they do. Nobody can even vaguely know me without knowing my love of that book and its beauty, its depth, its hope, its analogy, its writing, its characters... Uh, I better stop or I'll be here all day. ;)
Anyways, those were Miss Lucy's fabulous questions. So, onto the next adventure! Eleven facts about yours truly...
1. I am probably the biggest, most obsessive Il Divo fan of ever (or at least on of them). Il Divo is just so brilliant.
Not my image. 

2. (also associated with the Divos) I notice the weirdest things about Il Divo. Including the fact that David Miller, the American member (far left), is not only the best member, but also is a foot or so taller than all the other members. And he likes to untie his bowtie during concerts. And that only the Swiss member, Urs Buhler (far right), ever keeps his bowtie pristine the whole way through concerts. But, anyways, like I said, I notice some very obscure things when I have a hobby or love. :)
3. I have always been an ardent defender of fairy-tales. I am always infuriated by how people say they're cleche (agh, I said the word!); they're anti-women; they're oppressive; they're ridiculous; they're provocative to violent ideas; etc, etc. I hate that. It's soooooooo wrong! And I will defend fairy-tales to the end of my living days. Here is a very good post by Lucy that explains a portion of my feelings on the matter.
4. I am a theatre-maniac. I am oh so obsessed with acting and musicals. I love Shakespeare and opera, of course, but when it comes to Broadway especially, I just go nuts. I love musicals.
5. I like to quote obscure things to people who have no idea what I'm talking about. I have actually done it a few times on this blog even. But no one notices. But, that's what makes the joke so great, is that no one else knows it's there. Hehehehehe....
6. All my favorite actors and actresses are either dead or over 70 years old. Errol Flynn, Grace Kelly, Fred Astaire, Peter Lawford, Lucille Ball, Ricardo Montelban, Bing Crosby... You know what I mean? No? Hmm.... Maybe I'm a bit unusual...Why is the greatest age of acting gone?!
7. I like Josh Groban music, despite the fact that no one else in the universe seems to. I am told by his bio and online information that he is very popular, but what I have seen seems otherwise. Almost everybody I have met dislikes or doesn't care about him, even though he's so good. Why is everybody cruel to my poor obscure loves?!
8. My favorite movie of all time is The Robe, 1953, with Richard Burton and Jean Simmons. After that, I have trouble deciding.
Not my image. My favorite picture of Marcellus and Diana of The Robe that there is.

9. As I have said, Il Divo is my favorite band, but I do like Josh Groban also. However, despite my liking Il Divo three times as much, I have four Josh Groban albums and no Il Divo at all. :(
10. I am a Catholic Christian, and quite proud of it.
11. I associate the song You'll Never Walk Alone with the doctrine of Communion Of Saints. But I still think that's somewhat logical. Aww! Last one?! I was having fun... Oh well...
Well, here's the questions, though they're not so good as Lucy's ones.
1. Do you listen to opera? What is the best operatic aria you've ever heard?
2. Do you prefer casual dress, like a t-shirt and jeans, or evening dress, like a gown or tux?
3. Are you athletically-inclined? To what sport or exercise?
4. Who, in you opinion, is the best actor of today? Best actress?
5. Do you enjoy dancing? Watching other people dance?
6. Supposing, as in the previous question, you do enjoy dancing, what's your favorite type?
7. What is your favorite theatre play (I am asking specifically musical-wise, but if you are not a Broadway person, than you are free to answer an Opera or Shakespeare)?
8. What nationality, besides that which you are, would you have most preferred to be?
9. If you had to make up a new name for yourself to use forever instead of your real name, what would it be?
10. Are you more a writer or a reader? Both perhaps?
11. What's the most re-readable book you've ever read?
Not my image.

And here are the bloggers tagged:
Anyways, that'll be all. I'm afraid it's time to say goodbye. Btw, anyone who is smart enough to check out that link to an Il Divo cover of Time To Say Goodbye is definitely my friend. ;) But, like I was going to say, goodbye! :)
What did you think of this tag? Were any of you disappointed to find that this was not the surprise-containing writing post? Do you think that I only became a blogger to display pictures of and talk about Il Divo (If so, perhaps you're right!)? Did I miss anyone on the tagging? If so, feel free to join! :)

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The Sunshine Blogger Award

So, friends, here I am again. :) Finally. And I will tell you now that it is only due to a brilliant friend I am back again so soon. I was working on a new type of post (spoilers!), and hadn't finished, and was not intending to post anything until I got it finished, but I got tagged by the lovely Anna R. of swordsandquills for a lovely blog tag called The Sunshine Blogger Award. So, without further ado, I shall go on to the tag so that I won't write on (as I am apt to do, you'll find). ;) First question...

Not my image.

What is your favorite Christmas song?
Oh, Anna! Why did you have to ask me that?! I can never decide! Well, I'll give it a go... One of my favorites, if not my fav, is O, Holy Night (especially sung by Il Divo, but I like it sung by anyone who can actually sing, and love to sing it myself as well). And speaking non-religious Christmas songs (which are a bit below religious ones for me, so I count them separate), I love I'll Be Home For Christmas and White Christmas. I also particularly enjoy I Wonder As I Wander, getting back to religious ones. But, if I had to say one, my former choice might be the one. :)

What is one book you have read more than once?
What is this? Only mention one book?! Oh well.... (Although, I may cheat and mention more than one). Well, I have read Little Women countless times (seriously, I have lost track now). And I have read The Scarlet Pimpernel in almost equal quantity. Those are probably the two books I read the most, if you don't count short stories, like The Father Brown Mysteries.

Who is you favorite character from Lord Of The Rings (book or movie)?
*smiles sweetly and gestures for audience to sit* Alright, folks. I will teach you a very simple lesson I hope you never forget. *smiles again* Legolas. That is all you need to say, is Legolas. He's definitely, absolutely my favorite in the movies, and probably in the book (with only the competition of Faramir). Besides his amazing elven-ness, cool history, and character value alone, who could scorn this face?!
Not my image... obviously.... No one here would believe that's me. :P

What was your favorite childhood book?
Hmm.... Maybe Little Women...? Well, I've been reading since I was eight, so does that count...?
Okay, maybe not. Well, I had always liked Redwall when I was in my biggest reading phase, around seven, eight, nine, and ten. Oh, no, no, no. Just thought of exactly the book. Read it first time when I was four years old, and I've been reading it (and the rest of the series) ever since, loving every word. Little House In The Big Woods. It was probably the first single chapter book I read to myself and wasn't read to me. And it's been a love of mine for a while, even though now I like its sequels better.
If you had to choose between a dragon, a griffin, a phoenix, or a Pegasus for a pet, which would you choose? Why?
Hmm... Well, a dragon would be pretty hard to control, naturally, even setting aside the fact that they're mostly evil, crafty, kill-you-in-your-sleep creatures, so... Anyways, moving on... A phoenix would be pretty cool, but I would feel odd having a bird made completely of fire (plus, flame-hazard-zilla there!). Hmm... I do have past experience with horses (a bit), so a Pegasus would be the logical and safe choice, but... Well, who cares about safety?! I'll just get my story characters to help me handle it, and I'll take the griffin! ;)
What is your favorite part about Christmas? Why?
That's another hard one... (Gee, Anna R., what're you trying to do to me?). I love the Midnight Mass. That, possibly, might be my favorite part. You see, I went to Midnight Mass at a basilica last year, and it was possibly the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life. Ever. It was so beautiful, it was the kind-of beauty that makes you almost want to cry, the kind-of beauty that tells you "this is as close as humankind can get to doing justice to that which we celebrate", the kind-of beauty that makes you really realize, "Hey, it is Christmas! Today, the savior of the world was born". It really made me sit down and think of everything Christmas is, not just to us now, but to everyone, and to the age where there was no Christmas, until, one bleak, starry night, a tiny child was born. This perhaps was, and is, my favorite thing about Christmas.
What is you favorite book genre?
Well, probably Classic. I like old books. However, besides my grudge for the mess that we call YA Fantasy, there are a few books I like from there, including The Goose Girl. But, I do love Historical Fiction. Especially Children's Historical Fiction. Actually, that might be my all-time favorite genre. Maybe. Probably. Yeah... :)
What is your weapon of choice? Why?
My weapon of choice? I don't really use weapons. Although, I am pretty good with a pillow, I flatter myself. And, while I cannot throw a snowball to save my life, I can dodge them well. But I guess that doesn't count. If you're talking real weapons, then, there are like only a select few I know how to use. I can load and shoot a rifle, but I don't like it very much (too heavy!). I can shoot a pistol, but I cannot load it well. Actually, shooting a pistol is kind-of fun. :) So, maybe that. Although, I have always (theoretically, as I've never touched one in my life) liked fencing swords.
Not my image.

What is one favorite Christmas memory?
Well, I guess for this, I'll set aside my definite favorite (the basilica Midnight Mass), because I already talked about it. But, other than that splendor, there was one Christmas I do remember very well. You see, me and my best friend always make our Christmas/birthday/other holiday cards by hand, and are always trying to outdo each other in quotes and notes to pout on the cards. One year, though, on her present, I made the card, and instead of it saying 'from Belle', it was listed as being from all my story people and other aliases (like Robin from Batman). I addressed it from the short list of story characters I had then, and put a note from my pirate-character inside, as well as my own note. That was very fun to see her face as she read the card. :)
How do you react to awkward silence?
Uh, really? Did I just get asked that...? Um, usually, due to being intensely distracted by thought, I unwittingly make the awkward silences (although, they mostly don't feel awkward to me). Because, I'm kind-of an introvert. I know, I know. You guys (especially those who know me personally) are probably sitting back in your seats, laughing and shaking your heads in disbelief. No way is this lady in introvert! Such are your thoughts, no? Well, I am. I talk a lot more when I can't see the person in front of me (a.k.a., online!). And also, if we share a passionate common interest, than I will make more noise than a chicken being chased into its cage (believe me, I know first-hand that this is a lot of noise). Also, if the person seems determined to keep an awkward silence and not to talk to me, than I'll sometimes break out of my dream bubble and force myself to make them talk, because sometimes I'm contrary and stubborn like that. :P
What's one character trait you value above almost all others?
Well, chivalry, I guess. If you're not counting virtues alone so much a just character traits, then probably chivalry. Chivalry is what makes a gentleman a gentleman. Chivalry is what makes a lady a lady. Chivalry makes the gentleman open the door first, do as his Lord and his partner wish before himself, and always let a lady go before him in order and lines. Chivalry makes the lady act feminine, graciously receive and thank the gentleman, and strive her best to let sweet virtue form her and her fellows, rather than coy female designs. Chivalry is the base of manners. Chivalry is the path to kindness. Chivalry is a way to show your love to someone you would otherwise not know how to show love to. Chivalry is one of the things that separates us from brute pagan cultures and places where no sanctity of fellow-being is known. Chivalry is the most beautiful way to show respect to someone. I have always valued it, and I wish our culture had not so abandoned it. Hopefully, if I have done well, it shows through in my writing, that both character and story displays it, and hopefully, I can one day learn to make a habit of it.
Well, I guess it's time to say goodbye *starts singing* Oh, time to-- *stops* Er, maybe not time just yet. :) You see, I have almost forgotten. I have to tag some people.

Alrighty, here are the rules of this tag:
Answer 11 questions from your nominator.
Tag 11 bloggers.
Ask them 11 questions.

Okay, so, uh... Almost everybody I know online has already been tagged. Well, I'll try just the same! :D

1. Rosalina Martin, to thank her for her beautiful posts which I strongly encourage reading, and her sharing of the truth. :)
2. Blue, to thank for the amazing contribution commenting on my friend's blog. Her comments made me realize how important it is to really discuss faith.
3. Cait, to thank her for those amazing Beautiful People posts, which got me started on wanting a blog. :)
4. Sky, also to thank for Beautiful People.
5. Aidyl, a.k.a., Lydia, to thank her for being one of the first commenters on my poor, half-abandoned blog. :)
6. Keturah, to thank her for being another first commenter.
7. Tracey Dyck, for her lovely bits of writing and blogging advice I do so enjoy reading.
And, unfortunately, that is like everybody I've ever even come into contact with online who has a blog. :P However, anyone who comments that has not been tagged already automatically merits a tag.
And here are the questions for these lovely people:
1. Who was your fictional childhood hero?
2. Who is your favorite band?
3. What was the most deep book you've ever read?
4. What was your least favorite book you've ever read? (and I mean if it's your least favorite due to opinion, and not morality of material)
5. Who (disregarding the classic authors, like Tolkien, Stevenson, and Dickens) is your favorite author?
6. What is your favorite movie scene of all time?
7. If you had to pick one pen name/stage name to use forever instead of real one, what would it be?
8. What do you think is the best hobby a person could have? What about your own personal favorite hobby?
9. What is your favorite kind of scenery to be in (forests, riverside, etc.)?
10. Do you enjoy poetry? If so, who, in your opinion, is the greatest poet ever?
11. Where, if you could choose anywhere in all Europe, in any time period, would you go?
Not my image.
Anyways, that's it. :) I'm glad I got tagged, and I thank Anna R. for tagging me again. ;) Thanks, ole chap! And there's a bouquet of thank-you roses for you. :) So thus I'll conclude this. However, for a bit of suspense, I have a surprise that will go along with the next writing post. But I'll leave you there in suspense. ;D Arrivederci!
So, do you think this tag looks fun? Were all my answers expected? Did I forget anyone in tagging? If I did, please join in by all means! Seriously, anyone who comments gets tagged automatically. ;)

Friday, November 18, 2016

NaNo - It's Not Over Yet!

Yes, I know. This information is probably the last thing you poor NaNoers (a brilliant word coined from my writing friend, Anna R.) want to hear. But it's true. NaNo just is NOT OVER. If you've already quit, then I don't blame you, but I won't applaud you either. In fact, I may go as far as to encourage you back.... :) You think you have little or no hope of ever getting through this ongoing NaNo? Well, pal, you're wrong. Even if you quit on the second day and haven't written a word since, there's still time. NaNo is not over yet. You can do it, don't you think? Hmm, no? Well, then let me tell you some of my own lovely NaNo experiences to show you otherwise...

Not my image.

My Week One: Election! Everyone's talking about it, and I had to watch my siblings for a while so my parents could vote, and then, instead of writing, I stood vigil over the election channel to see who won. I stayed up to my new record, I think, at a quarter past TWO IN THE MORNING. The next day I was 2k behind because of this (but, hey, my vigil paid off!). I am now having to start writing in the car on the way to things to get it done, especially because of the fact that I am not at home Sundays and Wednesdays, due to choir. I also realized that I was typing the thing up about 75% slower than I was actually writing it. :P Then, I finally contact a friend who was previously unable to contact me, and she wants to email chat (which, btw, I LOVE doing, but it I am turning  it into a procrastination excuse). So.... Then, I am devouring my All Hallow's Eve candy waaaaaaaaaaay too fast... Not good. And that's only week one.
Not my image, but it looks delicious.

During the rest of the time so far passed in NaNo, I have had three different days when I thought of quitting, and one where I actually shut the book, put it down, and went to bed rather than finishing the fifteen pages that had not been written that needed to be. Now, I am suffering from the consequences from the day I (didn't) quit. But, I am still catching up, I guess.
However, I am almost fifty pages behind. :P And then, due to typing it up being slow and getting in the way of actually writing it, I made a bold, perhaps too bold, choice. I stopped typing it up. I calculated mathematically how many pages I need to reach my goal by the end of the day in a notebook.
This has made the writing go faster, so maybe - by some amazing hope - I have a chance of finishing before the end of November and then typing up the rest of it in that span as well. Well, I did say 'maybe'...
And then, there is the factor of forgetting what is supposed to be happening and having to re-check my scene-plot every other page. I also have started suffering from dizzy spells. All over the place, especially in the evening/afternoon, in the dark, and in the car. Dizzy spells. Where I feel like my head's going to fall off or I am going to collapse, whilst my core is panicking nauseously because is can't keep me up. And then, in the more serious ones, like in the car, where I can't immediately get water, my vision starts getting slightly shaky. I have to shake my head around (which causes more dizziness, of course) to even keep it from getting spotty in these lovely cases. And of course it had to start happening during NaNo. I almost never get sick in the car, or get that dizzy at all, anywhere. But, somehow, once November started, it opened me up to this unpleasantness. Of course it couldn't have waited. Of course it couldn't have just passed after the first couple times. Of course it had to recur. And so, that is another reason I am behind.
And then there's more sibling-watching. And then schoolwork, which, btw, I am almost three days behind in. :P And then there's my reading. It's been almost nonexistent, which is shameful. And then, I am supposed to be remembering not to have dairy before choir (it cracks out your voice), and to reward me for helping so much and having not given up on NaNo yet, my mom buys me a milkshake. Sweet mom. But, I drink it, completely forgetting that in a matter of hours I have to sing. And then, later, wrapped up in singing very badly, I have completely forgotten that I am still thirty pages behind in NaNo. Well, there's another reason why I am so behind.
And then there's my lovely plastic trays. I have extremely crooked teeth, so, I have to wear plastic dental trays to straighten them. I have to brush these trays, take them out when I eat, and remember always to keep the case for them with me. Well, I didn't remember. So, there I am, rushing about vainly, trying to find the case that I left back at home, and not writing. I know that we should definitely not let our life outside writing be tarnished by this, but somehow I think all this is ludicrous. It's like November just became twice as disagreeable as before. ;)
Oh, and I forgot to mention that busy little pleasantry that will also take up my time. I had the fortune of being born in this, the most disagreeable month of the year, just like Jo March of Little Women. That's right. So now I have another birthday coming up to keep me busy. And people will want to socialize with me rather than let me write - Why not take a break? It's my birthday, so why not, right? Wrong! - I cannot seem to stop falling behind.

Also not my image.

But, you know what? I am still trying. Through spotty vision and dizziness, through siblings and schoolwork, through plastic trays and singing, through all of that mayhem, I am still trying. And this, friends, is my point in telling you all these troubles of mine. Not to complain, not to merit sympathy, but to show you that - through anything - you can keep on trying. You can! I am still trying. I am still edging my way back up there. I am still not yet giving up. I am still not stopping, and I don't intend to until the last hour of November is gone, or the last word has been typed for all to see. So, comrades, if you think that you are no longer qualified, think again. If I, an inexperienced first-timer who has a loathing for scheduled writing, a tendency to procrastinate, and a will as limp as a noodle, can try again after all this, then so can you. Believe you can. To quote The Lego Movie, "I know it sounds like a cat poster, but it's true". It is! You can do it. Just remember - it's not over yet.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Beautiful Books: In Greater Hands (Moving On)

Hello again, comrades! I am back once more with that lovely Beautiful Books link-up from Cait and Sky. I thank them again for being such wonderful hosts if such an immensely fun (and helpful!) activity. :) I am back again with In Greater Hands. So, I guess I'll step up and hop to it! ('step up and hop to it'... interesting notion...hmm...)

Overall, how is your mental state, and how is the novel going?
Well, uh.... :P My mental state  is slightly more flustered and ink-centered. Almost every thought train somehow eventually leads to writing (of course, that's not too far from normal for me...). And the novel, well... I am three and a half days behind in my word count, but I am getting back up there slowly. However, I am getting my writing style slowly back. For the first few days I felt like it was so plain, beyond even the very worst of my writing, it had no character of mine, and a completely different person wrote it. But I'm getting my groove back now... I think. :) Also, I have three possible character deaths up my sleeve, so, yay! :) *rubs hands together evilly* I can't wait to see my readers' reactions (particularly that of my dear Lucy Agnes...).

What is your first sentence or paragraph?

Well, if you're talking the actual first, it's this part in the prologue:
Leta stepped out of the plane. She looked around her. Leta was on a landing pad for fliers, on a huge base in the middle of nowhere. Well, okay, perhaps not nowhere, but it definitely looked like it. Really, this place wasn't too far from Bath, but it still was just far enough away to be termed 'the middle of nowhere'.
Yeah... hehehehe.. it's not that great... :P
However, if you're talking first chapter, then....
Leta's pulse raced as she ran through a pathway of buildings. She rolled behind the corner of one of them for cover. She put her hand to the gun holster of her belt and held her breath. Leta peeked ever-so-slightly from the corner of the building. She looked out expectantly. A shadow leapt across the path a little ways back. Leta took out her gun quickly, but not quite quickly enough. A bullet sped right in front of her face and banged back into the building wall.
That one's a little better, I hope... :)

Who is your current favorite character in it?
Well, the only characters that have actually entered yet are Leta, Lord and Lady Lecta, Training-Sergeant Travers, and Maj. Bertie Fleming's team. But my favorite so far has to be Bertie. Poor guy. I have already started picking on him. :) However, once Vance enters, he'll probably take the cake in this bakery. ;)

What do you love about your novel so far?
Well, I do like that it actually has good action, unlike most of my other stories, but I wouldn't call that a love, because I actually like really long beginnings where you get to see the characters eat breakfast and talk and such things. :P But, something I do love is the way I set the stage for character conflict. Poor Bertie already got beat up, and Leta is so doubtful of people, and someone is going to die before the end.... Ah, the life of a writer. :)

Have you made any hilarious typos or other mistakes?
*groans* Oh yes, definitely. You see, I have been listening to music non-stop since this started, and apparently it's beginning to affect me (to quote movie Legolas). I keep writing down things that savor of song lyrics, particularly in dialogue. Like I made Leta say something like "Apparently we've met before" (like Once Upon A Dream of Sleeping Beauty). And then in this, no matter how conflicted this scene was-
Bertie started to put his hand over his face distressedly. "Oh my team... Louis... Kate...Oh, my friends..."
I could not for the life of me stop thinking of Marius's own lament... "Oh, my friends!" :'(

Not my image. Poor guy, he's singing his heart out. :'(
I have done that with various songs and scenes now, mostly unwittingly, and I need to go and root out all of them.

What is your favorite to write - beginning, middle, or end?
Um, probably the middle. It's the easiest. Once I begin, then then it's not so hard or so flat after that point. I've never made it to the end of a story so I can't really give my say on that.

What are your writing habits? Is there a specific snack you eat? Do you listen to music? What time of day do you write best? Feel free to show us a picture of your writing space!
Well, I have a tendency of sucking the end of my pen when I'm writing (if I am writing with a pen. For some odd reason I don't do this with pencils). And I mostly eat chocolate, particularly M&Ms. I don't have a picture of my writing space unfortunately. I write most from any time after dinner to bedtime. And, oh, I have been listening to just about everything! But, above all, the song that's been keeping me going strong and persevering, is Il Divo's amazing song Isabel, sung at Barcelona, I think. And while Isabel isn't exactly my name, it's close enough that I feel like they're cheering me on. :)

Not my image. This is actually them singing in Japan, but who cares. They might still be singing Isabel. :)

How private are you about your writing? Do you need a cheer squad or do you work alone (like Batman)?
Well, who needs a cheer squad when you've got Il Divo?! Not me! *blushes* Okay, that wasn't entirely true (well, the Il Divo part was true, but the part about me not needing a cheer squad wasn't). Yes, I have a loveable group of writer friends who read my work. Among my readers are Lucy Agnes, Anna Deubell, and a few others. So, unfortunately, I am more Robin than Batman. ;)

What keeps you writing when it's hard?
*musing* Well, let's see.. Il Divo... the song Isabel... Okay, okay, I'll be serious! Actually, those things do help, but the big thing keeping me going is the very theme of the story - even the smallest effort counts. No true endeavor is ever wasted. What a very fortunate thing that this is the theme I'm trying to communicate, because I really am living it as I write the story! :)

What three writing tips would you offer?
 Yes, people I know that wasn't the exact wording of this question. I am being lazy. :P But, all the same, my tips would be:
1. Don't let the quality stifle the quantity, of course as NaNo says, but never do vice-versa either. Your writing should be wholesome and given effort. I'm not saying it should be perfect - not at all. Just don't let it get to the point where writing it isn't fun, and the writing has no virtue.
2. Kill off characters! Okay, as a writer I may give this amazing advice, but I will contradict myself there. As a reader, I must beg you not to do this. So there you have an extremely helpful and clear piece of advice. ;)
3. Make time for other things too. You unfortunately cannot just lock yourself in a tower, dungeon, or hobbit-hole writing and forgetting what the rest of the world looks like. Also, as a cheating fourth piece of advice, I suggest a lot of Il Divo (Has this post just become less and introduction of my story and more a praise of my favored singers? How did that happen...?).

Anyways, that's the end of my story rant. :) I hope you liked it

Tell me your thoughts! Would you still read it? Have you guessed who is going to be killed off? Is anyone angry with me for this fact? Do you like Il Divo? (P.S., if you say 'no', then I shall be most highly displeased).

Monday, November 7, 2016

Beautiful Books: In Greater Hands (Introducing)

Hello, comrades! This is my first tag - a lovely NaNoWriMo tag by Cait and Sky, the hosts of Beautiful People during ordinary months, and it's called Beautiful Books. I am doing this for my NaNo project, called In Greater Hands.
It takes place in the near future, probably around 2100's, 2200's or so. And without further ado, I introduce it:

What inspired the idea for your novel, and how long have you had it?
Well, to put it down to only one of many sources, a dream inspired it. A long time ago (that is just me being dramatic, it was probably only about a year ago), I was sleeping on the couch and I had an odd dream, in which I was a space-lady of an elite space-team, and my name was Captain Rista (commonly called Miss Rista). So it, combined with my wish to write a non-historical story just to try it, floated around in my head and waited for an opportunity. That opportunity came in the person of a character called Vic Vance. One day I had the idea, just sitting and doing nothing, for a cool line that could a be a character's byline, their special quote. But I didn't want it to be any already-made character. He was new. Then I came up on that same moment with a whole scene and story idea right off of that quote, and combined it with Miss Rista's floating fiction fancy. So, I scene-plotted it, and now it's a story. Miss Rista turned into Miss Ristoff (she's Russian), and Vic became another main character, while my character, the MC, became a new bud on the stem - Leta. So thus, I kind-of owe the book to those two characters - Tsonja Ristoff and Vic Vance - my inspirations.

Describe what your novel is about!

Well, it's basically this: Leta Arsteva is a ward in a secret service dedicated to true global welfare. She has been training almost her whole life with her trainer and only friend, Lady Lecta, who is one of the presidents of the secret association. Leta's only daily goal is to train and become better so she cane help one day with the troubles in her explosive world. Then, things start happening. The Italian sub-president, also a council member in the secret association, is assassinated. Then coded messages of some unknown source are intercepted. Leta knows she isn't ready to face whatever is going on. She needs time, she needs help, she needs more skill. She thinks she can never make it. But, as Leta finds out, even the smallest effort can be the last drop to make a flood when it is placed In Greater Hands.

What is your book's aesthetic?

Well... I don't know how to make one with pictures but, words... I'll try to make one... here goes...

Even one drop of rain can cause a flood. Even one cloud can blot out the sky. Even one tiny living thing can make the world seem alive. But to reverse these things, surely much more must be done. taking away that one drop again will not stop the flood. Taking away that one cloud does not change that fact that it was there once. Even taking away that one tiny living thing cannot erase its existence. Thus, every memory, every effort, every small perfection will always count. Every single life will count. And nothing can take that fact away.

Does that satisfy? It's messy and a bit clech-sounding, but, who cares...

Introduce us to each one of your characters!
Okay, uh, this could take a while...

Leta Arsteva: First and foremost among the characters, I suppose, as the MC. A training soldier of age nineteen and Russian nationality. Sometimes rather worrisome, but almost always very alert. Brown eyes, flyaway wheaty hair, and very fit build.

Vic Vance

Vic Vance: Probably the second only to Leta in importance. A twenty-one year-old American who takes great pleasure in anything unusual or unexpected. Another trainee eventually. Dark coffee-brown hair, lime-green eyes, pretty tall at six foot four or so.

Tsonja Ristoff: Another very important character. A former satellite tracker of twenty-six years and Russian nationality. Skilled at decoding things, due to past career. Very straight and to the point. Icy blue eyes, almost white blonde hair, a slight bit over average height.

Maj. Bertie Fleming: The leader of a small but highly skilled task team. An Australian of twenty-seven years. Was a pilot formerly. Of strong and optimistic character. Caramel to brown color range hair, dark blue eyes, muscular build.

Lt. Sam Bastikka: A Jamaican widower aged thirty-eight. A pilot for the members of Bertie's team. Very hopeful and glad character, despite being far from home and his son, and being without his beloved spouse.

Lord Bryce and Lady Stacia Lecta: The directors, presidents, whatever you want to call them, of the secret service. Lady Lecta is also Leta's personal trainer. Both about forties-ish in age.
Tsonja Ristoff, and also my profile picture.

That is pretty much everyone of relevance to story as of yet. There are a couple unmentioned, like training-Sergeant Travers, but they're not important. Other main characters, such as Sam's son, Felix, and the Scottish special escort, Cyoran, will enter later.

How do you prepare to write?
Well, by getting a lot of All Hallow's Eve candy, and by getting two new pens. Other than that, I guess I scene plotted a bit. But that's less important. ;)

What are you looking forward to most about this novel?
Uh, characters! What else is there to keep you going?! Well, actually, listening to Il Divo's beautiful song Isabel is also a plus and inspiration for writing. But there is also a cool scene where Vance enters which I am looking forward to. I also may just have a characters death or two up my sleeve, you know, just for my wonderful readers. :)

List three things about the novel's setting.
1. It has a reinstated Russian empire ruled by a distant Romanov relative.
2. It take place mostly in England and Russia.
3. It has a large global aid service which is secret to most people.

What's the protagonist's goal and who or what stands in the way?
Well, Leta's goal is not only to do her job (which is protection, intelligence, and aid), but also to keep her homeland and leader safe (which, actually, her job does entail that...). The things that stand in her way are rogue societies, for one, LFS (the Liberic Freedom States), for another, and an unknown political opponent, for one more. Poor girl's got her hands very full...

How does your protagonist change by the end?
Well, Leta discovers the value of even the smallest effort, of even the littlest way. She realizes how important a life can be, and how vitally needed each one is. So she learns some pretty deep stuff. :)

What are your novel's themes? How do you want readers to feel afterwards?
Well, the theme is kind-of to recognize the value of every life, and of every effort. No effort, when given true endeavor, is ever in vain. Even the biggest failure, if it was still an endeavor in the right direction, is a valuable try. I am trying to make the readers feel like they can go out there and do whatever they're doing with all their effort, all their spirit, and be the better for recollecting themselves to the fullest extent in everything they do. I want them to feel empowered and ready to fight their battles. Although, I can also see them being really mad and throwing the book across the room, unfortunately. :P

Anyways, that is my NaNo project! My book In Greater Hands will probably have snippets posted sooner or later on here.

Your thoughts...? What did you think? Would you read it? Do you agree that Russian characters are super awesome?

Friday, November 4, 2016

Blog Introduction

Hello, dear friends! I am a brand new blogger! :) Allow me to introduce myself! I am a teen, Christian blogger. My name is Belle Anne (or Belleanne, if you have less time to say it). ;) I shall go through what this blog is about in turn:

This is one of my maps

My Likes and Hobbies - I am a writer, first and foremost. I am the writer of who-knows-how-many unfinished books - all close, but not quite there yet. I also have written a poetry volume and short-story collection. I am participating in NaNoWriMo for the first time as I speak. I am also a great lover of music. I play piano (rather horridly), sing (also rather horridly), and listen to just about everything from Dion to Mozart, except modern music. I love reading and drawing maps, and have quite a few. The Hobbit and Scarlet Pimpernel, are, in my opinion, some of the best books ever written. I also love superheroes, and while my top favorite remains Captain America, my signature heroes are Spidey, Ant-Man, and Robin. I also love Disney princesses (and princes!), and musicals of all lengths and ages. I love Latin, history, and logic. I can fangirl among the best. :) I have an odd obsession with wearing hats and snowmen. 

My life - I don't do a whole lot. I work on school, play, write, read, and try to make sure the house looks okay. I have seven adorable siblings, all younger than me, and a huge family on both sides. I'm happy! :D

My intent on this blog - I intend to blog about life, faith, writing, and whatever other random thing pops into my head. I also intend to thoroughly thank my poor parents, who were a bit badgered to let me blog, but gracious enough to acquiesce my request. :) 

This is one of my mascots, my adorable stuffed blue leopard, Fuzzy.

So, from now onward, I am a blogger! Thus I begin my journey, into the depths and quests of this - my world of Ink and Paper.

Tell Me Your Thoughts! Do you think I may succeed in this? Do you like this first post? Are you shaking your head saying "I'm never going back to this place again"? :)