Thursday, January 19, 2017

Movie Review: Captain America (The First Avenger)

Well, I said I'd start doing movie reviews, didn't I? ;) Well, here I am with one! And I did say I was going to try and keep it to better known ones, so I decided to start with a Marvel movie (which btw, is possibly the best one, and every Marvel person should see it). *to self* Shush! Don't give an opinion before you've even started the review! *clears throat innocently* Ahem. Anyways, I am reviewing Captain America: The First Avenger, the first Marvel movie I ever saw (I was going to just review Civil War, but I figured it would be best to review all of them in their proper order). I know most people here will have probably already seen it, but there must be at least one or two people who haven't and may be looking to, so I'll still go on. :) And for anyone who is at all looking to watch any Marvel movie, whether they mean to watch them all eventually, or just watch one, this is the one. For anyone at all wanting to see Marvel at its best, most touching, and most innocent age, see this movie.

Who were the characters? How were their relations in the plot?
First and foremost, there was Steve Rogers. A skinny kid from Brooklyn trying to enlist in the army to help in the war. While WWII raged, he was always seeing people everywhere give up their family, possessions, and lives to help. He didn't want to do any less. The only problem was that he was not altogether too healthy. He was a skinny, far too often ill guy, and every time he tried to get into the military one way or another, he got pushed out. No matter how many times he re-submitted his name, he just wasn't allowed to fight, and it was a cross for him.

Okay... I'm just realizing how long I was ranting about Steve... Uh, don't get the wrong impression... There were other characters too! :P There was Bucky Barnes. Steve's amazing, popular best friend. Bucky was the best, most back-you-up-when-it's-really-hard kinda friend there ever was. He was pretty handsome, and fairly strong, though, so it was another reminder to Steve of his own helplessness when Bucky was allowed to enlist in the army. Then there was Howard Stark. *sighs and shakes head smilingly* While I have never been a fan of his son,Tony Stark, also known as the Iron Man, Howard Stark was a lovable character. He was the plum-craziest, try-anything guy in the whole movie. He was very intelligent, and not remarkably and inconceivably childish and arrogant like his son. (so, am I reviewing the characters of Captain America, or of Avengers...?) The other character were Peggy Carter, an amazingly strong character (and not the typical, overhyped strong female character, but truly strong). She was one of the many bright spots in the movie to be sure. And also one of the reasons the ending is so sad... :( Ahem. Anyways, avoiding spoilers, there was also a general-guy whom I can never get the name of for the life of me. Very sarcastic, straight-to-the-point fellow. Frustrating at time, but mostly likeable. There's the cool German doctor Steve meets, whom I won't say much about on risk of spoilers. There was also Steve's amazing team later on, but I don't remember any of their names, really, and they weren't in it as much as the previously mentioned, so I'll leave it to a better reviewer with a better memory. :P Then there were the villains. Actually very formidable villains at that. Dr. Zola and the Red Skull. Nazi villains in movies are usually the most formidable, but the Red Skull even went above that standard. He was quite amazing at recovering from fact, uncannily so.

How was the plot?
The plot was absolutely amazing! Stupendous. And it revolved around Steve, a bit of super-soldier serum, and a war that needed won. Brilliant, huh? I'll elaborate a bit more, I suppose. ;) So, like I said before, Steve Rogers is this scrawny kid who wants to give his life to his country and the world's needs. So he tries to get again. And tries again. And tries again... Until, one time, before he tries, he and Bucky are having this conversation concerning how much Steve wants to help save lives by fighting in this war, and someone heard it. Not just anyone, either. A secret project military doctor who values heart and virtue in a soldier hears him. He gets chosen for a secret project, given the only existing super-soldier serum, a physically enhancing formula, so he can help win the war, and it all goes up from there. For fear of spoilers, I shan't say much more on that subject. ;)
The romance was soooooooooo sweet and cute! And sad... :( But, the romance in it was amazingly clean. Especially for a modern movie. Really, the most that happened in it was when Howard Stark's show was shown, and he leaned over and kissed one of his chorus girls. But that was a very small moment, merely for the illustration of Mr. Stark's character, and it neither lasted long, nor was much elaborated on. Steve's romance was the best. Especially how he almost got jealous (not quite, because Steve is too good to get really jealous) of Howard. It was so funny. Especially when him and Howard became practically best friends (after Bucky, of course!). It was so funny how they would both puzzle over the ways of Steve's girl. And Steve was always waiting for someone. It was kind-of the thing for the romance in this movie. He was wanting to dance. Who was he waiting for? The right partner. And she came along. Unfortunately, well... I won't say any more there either.

The comic relief was, well, relieving when you think of the other Marvel movies. Marvel is notorious for very strained comic relief in movies, but this movie did not have it. The comedy was, for the most part, clean, clever, and even romantic at times. It was very fitting, and never put in a strained spot where it didn't belong. Sometimes it was cracks about Steve's height or build pre-serum. Sometimes it was cracks about how much bigger he was post-serum. Sometimes it was cracks about him in comparison to the villain, and sometimes it was just him and Howard being befuddled by the mysterious ways of women (a.k.a., the mysterious ways of Steve's eventual girl, Peggy). The comedy was decidedly not annoying, and the only problem I had with it at all was the occasional comic relief from Steve's team members, whom I didn't find quite as amusing as Steve, Bucky, Howard, or Peggy. But that was just me, I assure you.
Hidden gems?
 Well, for one, it had the rare gem of movies and books nowadays of having an incredibly virtuous and selfless hero. He was there, not for himself, or against the Germans, but for his country and the world. It displayed truly lovely romance, too. The kind that makes you sit back and wonder why any other type of romance is ever even portrayed in Marvel, or any action films at all, for that matter. I guess the greatest thing about the movie is that is was so innocent. Maybe a first-time watcher of it might not think so as much as me, but if you watch other Marvel movies, and then come back to Captain America, then it really is the top of innocence for superhero movies. Clean romance, clean humor mostly, clean plot, and mostly clean costumes too.
Not so great things?
Well, the only thing I can really think of in it that might particularly bother the watchers immediately is the whole part with Steve's show. He goes on this show for a while with a bunch of girls, and he tries to get people to buy war bonds while the girls sing, and it's a bit weird. I love the song personally, but the costumes the girls wear are typical forties showgirl outfits, and so not my favorite thing, but not the worst that comes, I suppose. But, other than the usual kicking line things, which are really dumb, they didn't do anything out of place for the innocence of the movie. They were just a little weird is all. Really, that's the only immediate thing I can think of that might bother someone. Oh, well, okay. The language is pretty mild in it, especially compared to other Marvel movies, but it is an action movie, and has a few swear words in it. Not too terrible, but just enough to notice it. Other than those things, the movie was amazing.

Costumes? Effects? Soundtrack?
The costumes were amazing. Very WWII-ish, and super awesome. Steve's Captain America outfit is super awesome, despite what the Allied soldiers in Italy may say. And of course, who couldn't love the olive drab of WWII? It's great, isn't it?! And then all of Peggy's outfits were relatively modest and very pretty and 40's-ish. The costumes were quite believably WWII. The effects I couldn't really care less about, frankly. As long as the video quality is good enough that I can see what's going on, I don't care. And it's not that old a movie, being only a few years old, so it's special effects and video quality were clear and very well-done. The soundtrack is sooooo American-sounding, it almost makes you feel like Captain America listening to it! It's so cool. It's super patriotic, and it really does enhance the movie even more.
Sad, sad, sad!!! Very sad! :( Like, actually make you cry sad! I was so disappointed with the movie makers after this, my first Marvel movie, that I thought there was not even going to be another one. I thought, if they ended this one like this, there's no way they would make another. :( I was wrong. I won't give it away, in the unexpected case of there being someone in the audience who hasn't seen it, but will just tell you that it'll make you cry. :'(
Any other notes?
While I might not let, say, a six-year-old watch it (depending on the six-year-old) because of violence, there was no gore or inappropriate behavior/comedy, so I would allow a fairly large watching crowd with this one. My one note might be that your heart will die and your soul be smashed when you see the ending. That is all. :)
So, what do you think? You seen this movie? You planning on watching it if you haven't? Sound good at all? If you have seen it, do you think I did a good job reviewing it? Tell me Steve/Cap is your favorite character in it, please!!! :D


  1. Oh I love the first Captain America movie! And what a thorough review! *applauds* And I did like the Captain, but Hugo Weaving was my favorite because it's Hugo Weaving!

    1. Yes, me too! :D *flails happily* Oh, thank you!
      Hugo Weaving? *cocks head* I'm afraid I'm unfamiliar with him... Is that the actor for Bucky? Or is that the general guy's name? Sorry... I don't know... :P

    2. The Red Skull. The guy who looks like Bryan Davis's doppelganger:)

    3. Haha, he does look a slight like Bryan Davis, doesn't he? ;)

  2. Lovely review, Belle! I love how you went through the various aspect very thoroughly! The first Captain America movie is my second favorite Marvel movie. I confess that I love Civil War the best!! (I hope you do a review on that one too) I loved Bucky so much in that one!!

    Hugo Weavings played Red Skull. Sebastian Stan is Bucky.

    1. Thanks! :) I had hoped it wasn't too vague. Haha, I like Civil War, but it's waaaaaaaay too intense for me (plus the fact of my not being able stand Iron Man normally, much less as an arrogant villain as in Civil War). So The First Avenger is my personal favorite Marvel movie. I have a thing abuot movies being too intense. I just can't really watch them because it makes me tired, and on edge for a while. The First Avenger was perfectly action-filled without being over-intense for action wimps like me. ;)
      Ahhhh! Thank you for the clarification! :P

  3. I haven't seen any Marvel movies (despite the advice of certain friends), so this review was quite interesting! I believe I would like Captain America. :)

    1. Oh, that's right! :o Well, I guess there was someone in my audience who hadn't seen it! :D And, yeah, there are definitely some Marvel movies I wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole (namely, any of the Iron Man movies), but the Captain America movies and the Thor movies are alright for the most part. The Avengers movies are good too, as long as you can stand intenseness (which I have to brace myself to stand).
      Yeah, Cap is definitely THE best Marvel hero. He really is the one with the best sense of morals, and one of the only ones who has consistently good movies (though Ant-Man is very promising!).

  4. Oh. My. Word.

    Captain America!!!!

    Seriously, Belle Anne, did you read my mind? I have just recently been flailing over him and then... THIS HAPPENED. :)

    So. I haven't seen the first movie??? *distant screaming* I have seen Winter Soldier, though. And, oh dear, Cap is just too sweet for words!!! *incoherent flailing*

    Also that picture of him before he was big and strong... Bahaha! *flails*


    So clearly I MUST watch this movie???

    Also are you for Sharon + Steve??? Personally I am head-over-hels in love with Steve + Natasha. *sigh*

    1. Haha, thanks, Kayla Marie. Seems like it's not tooooo hard to get you flailing, perhaps.... ;) WHAT?! You must see it!
      And, ah, Cap and Widow were only friends. They were never romantically involved, really. Black Widow just kind-of flirts with everybody. But I still love them together, even as pals! :D I don't really care either way about Sharon for herself. She doesn't bother me, so I am not bothered by their romance too much, even though I only wish Peggy + Cap had worked out because it was AAAA++++ 5672% scoring. :)

    2. Ah, you caught me! :) I am just a small flailing bean. :)


      I realize that they are only friends NOW, but I want them to be a couple in upcoming movies because they are so perfect for each other! :)

      Sharon is... meh. :) Alas, I have not seen him with Peggy (except when she's super old...), so I can't have an opinion. :(

    3. Haha, I'll let you in on a secret, Kayla - so am I! ;D
      Yeah, I wouldn't mind it, except that I feel she's been around a bit much. She's flirted with almost every guy in Marvel existence. So, unless she reformed a good bit, I would call her not quite on Cap's level. However, in the case that she does reform, count me in! :D
      Yeah, Sharon is just a bit bland is all. Peggy?! She is amazing and sweet and perfect for Cap and tough and pretty and, and, and - ! *flails madly* I think you get my opinion on her... ;)

    4. Ah, I am in good company, then! :)

      She is a bit of a flirt, admittedly. But that kind of why they are so good for each other??? THEY ARE POLAR OPPOSITES. So I feel like he would be such a stabilizing influence for her and that his loyalty would inspire her to be better... in that way. :)

      Ha! SHE IS TOTALLY NOT ON HIS LEVEL. I mean, she doesn't really deserve someone so perfect and sweet and I will admit that I'm scared he would get his heart broken (and OH, DEAR that would be very sad!), but then on the other hand, she is so broken and hard and cynical and I feel like she needs someone really gentle and kind who could see past all that anger and bitterness. And only someone very sweet and gentle could do that. Someone without their own weird issues and baggage to bring to the relationship (like Bruce...).

      I'm ranting, aren't I??? OOPS! :)

      Exactly! Ha! Peggy sounds lovely. I can't wait to meet her. :)

    5. Yep! ;)
      Yeah... If I felt like she would stay, then I wouldn't mind it. But my fear is that Cap would just get left behind for another tough super-powered Marvel man. Plus the sadness of the fact that they would not be able to have children. And cap without ever having kids?! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! How am I ever supposed to get a date if Cap doesn't have any sons? ;) I guess I'll settle for Thor's heir, though, if I must, haha. ;P

    6. WAIT WHAT???? Natasha can't have children???

      I agree, though! I need smol Cap babies! Plus he would make SUCH a good daddy!!! *major flailing*

      AWK< THOR! He is so gorgeous and awkward and cute! I wouldn't mind him having kids either! :)

    7. Yeah... unfortunately, when Nat was in that secret society thingy before S.H.I.E.L.D., she was an assassin of the highest degree. This meant that they would physically manipulate her, deleting anything that might distract her from her job. So, sadly, she is not able to have children. :'(
      Yes, Cap needs kids!!! :D Yes, Cap for Daddy!
      Yeah, I actually like Thor as much as I like Cap, or at least almost as much... So, Thor Daddy too? :D



      Okay, I don't think Thor would be as good of a dad as Cap because he is still slightly self-absorbed??? Still, it would be adorable. :)

    9. Yes, I know! It is terrible! And yet some people choose to do it to themselves... :( And there's poor Nat, who didn't want it...
      Yeah, Cap might be a better dad in some respects. I don't think Thor is still self-absorbed. He certainly has a sense of humor, but he puts just about everybody before himself. I think it's mainly his sense of humor regarding battle that gives that impression. But you're right - Cap would be such a cool dad! :D

  5. Sure, but at least they make the choice themselves (and probably have good reasons?).

    Err. Yes, he would sacrifice himself for other people in a battle or something, but he also seems fairly aware of his own gorgeousness. :)

    1. I don't believe there is a good reason for making a choice to mutilate yourself, but I think it's even worse for poor people like Nat who have the choice made for them.
      Hehehe... Uh... I wouldn't say he's particularly aware gorgeousness-wise, but perfectly aware of his proficiency in battle. Although, with a face like that... how could you not be aware?!

    2. Mutilating yourself is obviously wrong. However, some women have to get hysterectomies for very legitimate health reasons. My cousin good one because she was getting dangerously anemic with each pregnancy and a family friend literally JUST had an emergerncy hysterectomy directly following her emergency C-section because the doctors didn't want her to hemorrhage. So. *shrug*

      Very true. :)

    3. Well, let me re-say that phrase. I don't believe there's a good reason for mutilating yourself, but there are other paths. Like NFP, for instance, which is also healthier for the user, begin completely natural. I sometimes get very worried about women who do birth control stuff because of all the infections and disfunctions I have heard of it causing. I - please pardon this if you are offended, but I must say it - do think that the best path for those having trouble with pregnancies is to simply take a natural cure. If it cannot be taken care of naturally, then of course the best cure will be from the doctors. It just makes me sad that most women don't even consider other options, medical or natural, before giving up sucha beautiful thing... *snaps back into reality* Sorry... I guess I ranted about that one... :(

    4. Okay, had to Google NFP because I didn't know what that was... But, essentially, yes, I agree with you. Natural alternatives have fewer side effects, certainly, though they are not always as effective. In the end, though, surgery is occasionally necessary for the safety of the mother. But what they did to Nat was unacceptable! :)

    5. I'm incredibly glad you agree on the NFP thing (I'm seeing so many people attack it these days! Why?). Yes, I agree that in emergency of emergencies, sometimes surgery is necessary. But I think it should be the last choice. I agree! Poor, poor Nat! *falls into sobs* Poor Nat...

    6. I have no idea why people would attack something so seemingly harmless (and potentially good!)...

      All Marvel's characters seem to be poor little damaged cinnamon rolls. :) I love them so much but they are all so sad! :(