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Meet The Books! - Alomina

Hello again, comrades! :D I'm sorry for my absence as of late. Unfortunately, to celebrate with my loved ones the Christmas season, I may be absent a bit more for the next small span of time. But, as of now, for my coming-back, I am introducing a temporary new feature on this blog. This feature is called Meet The Books!, and I will be doing it for a little while on here. It will be to the purpose of introducing one-by-one my novels on here, so the world can hear me rant about them and understand. ;) Just kidding. It will be to introduce novels, but other bloggers (if they wish! I will not hold it badly if no one does!) may also participate if they wish to. I only ask that, if they do, they will link in a comment below so that I may see. Now, I will be doing this only until my current existing books have been covered (because I cannot figure out how to have a permanent post displaying them), but others may do it as long as they like, providing that anyone else does wish to participate. I will, in all hopes, eventually cover them all (with the exception of In Greater Hands, as I introduced that via Beautiful Books). So, without further ado, I shall proceed to the first Meet The Books! feature.

I thought, for the first of this feature, what would be more appropriate then doing it with my first recognizable story? (though, like I said, if you do take part, you don't have to do your first book. The only rule is to link back!). So, I shall demonstrate with my first book, Alomina. It has no title, but I call it this after the heroine (although, sometimes when I talk about it I also call it A Journey Of Hope or The Book Of Many Journeys). It is also genreless as of now, unfortunately. I can't call it action/adventure because the action doesn't start until like the ninth chapter, I can't call it fantasy because there is no magic or magical creatures/events, I can't call it historical fiction because it takes place in a made-up world, even though in middle-ages-ish setting. So, I will leave you with whatever you make of the titleless, genreless thing. :)  
Who are the characters? *pricks head up* Ahh! My favorite thing to talk about! However, unfortunately, this book has the least amount of characters in any of my overpopulated stories. The immediately main characters are Lord Percy de Blyrwen, an unmarried Tresintan Lord of age 20 (or so), and his somewhat child-like sister, Lady Alomina (or Mina, for short) de Blyrwen, also unmarried, at about age 17 or 18. The eventual main characters (the ones coming in later, or taking less precedence) are a mysterious half-foreigner called by the name Count Charles Montefore (usually just 'the Count'), and a haughty princess named Celeise. I also have a main villain whom I will try not to mention because he needs time right now. After that, I only have much smaller characters, like King Edarian of Tresinta (a fav of mine, and Celeise's father), Percy and Mina's flustered aunt, and King Lucellus (whom I will also try not to talk about because he doesn't enter until like the last fifth of the book).          

Percy's looks I will briefly describe. He has chocolate brown hair, and - as of now - brown eyes (I may change this detail soon for bright blue eyes, because that is now more complying with my mental picture of him). To sum it up better, he looks a lot like Kit from Cinderella (or at least, that's as close in looks as I've found).

Okay, this particular picture on the left actually looks a ton like Percy, especially Percy in Chapter Nine.
  Alomina looks like Percy's sibling, to be sure. She has similar hair color, but blue-green eyes, like peacock-colored almost. I can't really find a picture of anyone at all that looks enough like her, so I won't put one here. Maybe someday I will be lucky enough to find one. :)

The Count is very dark-haired and has light-brown eyes. These looks (particularly the eyes) are what first mark him out as at least semi-foreign. He has an air of intrigue and mystery about him, which interests and confuses the curious heroine. He looks a bit like Will Turner of PotC, except perhaps more hardened.

Yep, this looks like the Count alright, except maybe a touch more medieval-ish, and more hardened-looking.

Princess Celeise looks regal, perhaps even more regal than she acts, if that is possible. She is
somewhat cold at first, but soon enough is revealed as very humanly doubtful and struggling. She has yellow hair (I say yellow, but gold sounds more poetic, so let's say gold), and blue eyes (yes, I know, all you cleche-police out there are probably calling me out on the whole blonde-hair-blue-eyes thing, but it really is most common for blonde people to have blue eyes rather than another color. I should know, as me and my family show it very well!). I have no prepared picture of Celeise either, I'm afraid, but I always though if there was a movie made, either Natalie Portman or Lily James could be a good Celeise, if that helps to illustrate her looks at all. Well, I don't know, maybe this picture could pass...

It does look a bit like her... and that definitely is a dress she would wear, if you'd just raise the neckline some more.
What does the plot consist of?
Well, I can't really answer that directly. Spoilers! However, a friend wrote a brilliant pitch for it, which I edited, and will show:

The sister and brother de Blyrwen are content with their peaceful and happy life. They are together, and that's really what matters to them. But, soon, the night of a seemingly-innocent ball enters them into not only very dangerous personal lives, but the intrigue of the century, and a journey for their last chance at aid. Little hope do they think they have. But sometimes the only hope can come from unexpected places...

I know, I know. I'm probably going to answer the door in a few moments and find I'm being arrested by those pesky cleche-police. But I'll fight, dear readers, so don't worry. ;)

What is the setting?
Well, the setting is mostly in one of the two main countries, Tresinta (the de Blyrwen's home), and Vellethia (Count Montefore's birthplace). And, the countries in between them, Matruna and Ertin also are a part of the setting when the great journey is taking place. I have a map of these countries, but unfortunately the picture of it is blurry, so I won't add that in. Mainly, I'd say the setting exists of five main locations in this rough order:
1. The De Blyrwen Estates.
2. The Tresintan Royal Palace.
3. The Forest Road (okay, seeing as this road goes through four countries, technically that's not one location, but it works for me).
4. The countryside/highway of Vellethia.
5. The Vellethian Royal Palace.
I know most of you are probably thinking that doesn't sound too interesting, but I did what I could with it. :)
Who are the favorite characters in it?
Well, that really ranges very widely, actually. One reader's favorite is Percy undisputedly. Another's, I think is Percy, but I also remember her saying she particularly liked Celeise, so I'm not sure. And then, the last two main readers favor Montefore, the mysterious Count, of all people. Weirdos. (maybe it's that amazing face of his...?) :P But, overall, I think the main favorite is good ole Perce. But, I mean, with a smile like the one above, how could you not like Percy? However, I am somewhat ashamed of my favorite character here, so, as of now, I shan't tell the name of that party. Although, King Edarian is also one of my favs, for how small a character he is. I do hope I don't get any dumb readers who hate him or anything. :(
What is the favorite scene?
Well, so far, the scene that's gotten the most attention is the pre-climax climax (a brilliant term for that part of the book right before the real climax, isn't it?). Everybody jumped on me for that one... It might have been because I stopped at a really bad spot, though.... *thinks a moment about that* Naaaaa! That's not it.... ;)
Any snippets...?
You bet ya! ;)
The leaves that had slowly drifted from the trees flurried in the breeze behind them, and the ones blanketing the ground crunched beneath the horses' swiftly falling feet. Alomina enjoyed it so much she could not use words to describe it. It felt like the winds were the wings she soared on, through eternities that passed in a moment.
Then, as Percy was absent-mindedly walking on, he ran unwittingly straight into a noblewoman, spilling his champagne on her, and nearly knocking her over! Oh no.... In the split second afterwards, he managed to catch her and keep her from falling down completely.

"I am so sorry, my lady...", Percy said apologetically, letting go of her and putting down the champagne glasses.

"Your Highness, actually", she said angrily, standing up and smoothing her skirts.
Yes, she would definitely turn a cold scepter to him when she saw him again! If, if I ever see him again, she corrected herself. When, dear, when, she re-corrected herself as she went off to her bedroom.
He then reached huge black doors, decorated skillfully but with dark bearing. He pushed them open with a force only necessary to open such ancient and untended doors. The Count had traveled three and a half days to reach this midway point in his journey. All the way to a crumbling castle in the bordering edge of Vellethia, just to see what this man wanted.
Percy, now alone with his thoughts, experiences a very unpleasant sensation. He felt as though his entire world had tried to warm itself by the first, then, when it got to close to the heat, it began to blur and melt before his eyes, cracking like the pillars of a once-great monument and wasting away like candle wax before a blazing wildfire. He fancied he heard splitting noises, like the foundations of his heart, crackling into a charred, forgotten ruin. When he finally stunbled back into the main room, he sat alone on a chair in the corner, and, when spoken to, only weakly smiled and replied as laconically as possible.
Celeise was cold with the breath of the night, and pale with the chill of the darkest hours. She stared out at the aged night as it broke from its blackened tone into a wizened gray. The breeze blew carelessly about her, tossing her snow-white gown around her slight figure, and scattering her golden tresses over her pale and scantily-covered shoulders. In that solemn state, she watched the silver sullenness of the day's beginning streak through its many shades. How frigid and shadowed was this hour indeed.
Alomina rode on. Suddenly there it was again: the rustling noise sounded, even louder and nearer than before, making Alomina start. She was just on the edge of the estates, and now she was considering going back. She then checked herself for such a ludicrous idea. What foolishness! Why should she go back? Because she heard some nothing that she imagined to be something? No, what a silly notion, of course. So she simply turned back to see if there was anything there. But when she turned to look - just as before - there was nothing. Perhaps it had been hidden... or hidden itself. It seemed as though whatever had made the noises was steadily following her.
The person abruptly turned, and moved towards Alomina. The vague form was now so close that if her vision had been less blurred, she would have been able to distinguish his every feature. But, right before he was within touching distance, her sight spun and faded, and once again everything was veiled in darkness.
Then, suddenly Percy stood upright. His poor lady would no longer in vain cry for him. He knew what he must do. He would had to take such matters into his own hands. If only he in all the kingdom could help her then, well... so be it. He strode back through the hall and replaced his hat, now quite firmly resolved on what would be done.
The Count would sleep over the idea. He would put it out of his mind. If he had to think about it, he would do it in the morning. He closed his eyes in wait for sleep, but tonight, he had a feeling sleep was turned against him.
Okay, I would put more snippets if I had more time, more room (and more readers), but for now that's it. :) And... I have a bit of a surprise today, as promised! :) However, first, I have some illustrations for the story, to give you an atmosphere of the story and a glimpse of my family's/friends' wonderful illustrating talents. ;)

A picture drawn by my ten-year-old sister, of Percy in the mountains.
Not as good, but still okay. A picture drawn by me, of Mina riding.
An unfinished drawing of my own, of Alomina and the wolves.

A lovely picture of Percy in the mountains again drawn by my twelve-year-old sister. She signed it up in the corner with her nickname, 'Ishi'.

An absolutely amazing picture of Mina in her ball gown, drawn by a very obliging friend.

My own blurry drawing, of Alomina herself, rather roughened from a hard journey.

Another of my drawings, of Mina (plus a mysterious companion) on their journey.

Anyways, a bunch of lovely pictures from my helpers, and a few rather horrid ones from me. :) I know, I know. Now all of you are probably groping for the promised surprise. Well, I'll get to it eventually. In fact, why not now? Alright! Hereon, I am introducing character interviews! I am now opening up character interviews on this blog, beginning with the characters from Mina's story. I will allow my lovely commenters to vote on which character from the story they shall have, and henceforth, so as to let them do just that, shut my enormous mouth. :) You lovely readers have the choice of...
Lady Alomina de Blyrwen - the child-like heroine, of timid but loyally determined character.

Lord Percy de Blyrwen - Mina's loving brother, sweet, and with an iron-set protectiveness of his loved ones.
Princess Celeise Anatria de-Vistrina Ellette of Tresinta - Maybe some mouthful of a title, but she's always trying to live up to every letter of it, no matter what it takes.
King Edarian Dertan de-Carta Ellette of Tresinta - Celeise's father, and the strong but struggling king, only trying to do what is best, despite the burdens weighed upon him and his daughter.
Well, people, thus lie the choices! How you vote is entirely up to you! :) Depending on who is voted for and how fast, I shall post a bio soon, and from there take off with interviewing. :) (P.S., For anyone who might wish to read Alomina, I have posted it up to Chapter Thirteen on a lovely critique-site here. Merry Christmas, all! :)
So, what did you think?! Did you like meeting Mina and her book? Did you like the surprise? Were you disappointed? Were you surprised I didn't mention Il Divo even once? What did you think of those lovely drawings? Will you participate in Meet The Books!? If so, be sure to link up so that I can see! (And yes, you are allowed to take the Meet The Books! picture with you if you do participate.) :D


  1. Eee! This is a lovely lovely lovely new feature indeed! I adore it. :) And ooohh! Character interviews!!! Whoever shall I vote for?? Well....let's go with Percy. Yes, yes, let's do Percy!! (Speaking of interviews....I am deeply indebted to you in that regard, aren't I? Oh dear...)

    Those are indeed lovely pictures! Your siblings sound so sweet, and are very good artists. :)

    I'll certainly participate in this! And snag the beautiful picture, too. :)

    1. Oh, good, I'm glad! :) I knew you would pick ole Perce... Ah, predictable Lucy... Not that I'm any less so... Although, I am half-hoping that Edarian gets picked. He really is a pet of mine. :) Yes, my siblings are lovely drawers. And Beth's picture is lovely too, isn't it?

    2. Teeheehee. :)

      Ooohhhhh, is that Beth's picture??? I didn't know she did that! :)

    3. Oh, yes, it is! Isn't she just a dear drawing it for me? :)

  2. This is awesome! I like being able to see what the characters look like! Percy and the Count are definitely my favorites. :) And I love the pictures! This is a cool, feature!

    1. Thanks, I'm glad you like it! :) And yes, I figured Percy was still your favorite, but like I said, I wasn't quite sure because I remembered you liking Celeise a lot too. I didn't remember the Count, though... Hmm...

  3. I love this!! I am so doing this on my blog!!! :D And I absolutely love your pictures!! I vote for Princess Celeise!

    1. Okay, cool! :D I will definitely check it out! :)