Monday, January 2, 2017

The Smashing And Dashing Character Awards

Hello, again! :) I'm back! And with a lovely, unexpected little tag started by Cait of Paperfury. I picked it up and decided, 'This looks fun... Even though I already have a bajillion other tags lined up... why not?'. :P So, now here I am... Anyways, the purpose of this tag (so I gather, and Miss Cait, please correct me if I'm wrong) is to rant about favorite book characters and award their lovely little ink-and-paper hearts. :) So, first award up -
Most Relatable Character -
Let's see... Probably Ani of The Goose Girl. She was resourceful and strong, but very fearful. She felt very real, and is to this day one of my favorite, if not my most favorite, non-classic female character. She was brilliant in that book. Granted the author completely changed her character and made her an absolute numbskull in the sequels, but, well, I try to pretend that never happened. :P

Most Pure And Precious Animal Companion -
Does Gurgi of The Chronicles Of Prydain  count? I mean, he was kind-of an animal... Granted I couldn't tell you exactly what animal he was, but he was an animal. ;) And he was definitely most lovable. Definitely most precious. Pure delight, the furry little dear. I usually dislike animal companions in stories. In fact, there was even a time in my life when I hated poor, dear Gurgi. But that was when I had never read the books. I started reading them, determined to go on hating Gurgi, with only a small hint of openness to him (due to a friend asking me to love him). But, I wasn't even done with the second book before it started to dawn on me completely that I loved Gurgi. I hated to admit it, but he really did grow on me. And very quickly, too. Now, I can without a second thought call Gurgi the most pure and precious animal companion of fiction.
Fiercest Fighter -
If I was talking mythology, I might have to say Mr. Jerk himself, Achilles. However, I will not revert to mythology. I will answer this another way. Another who may deserve this, while not being the best fighter, but definitely one of the fiercest, is Achren, also of Prydain Chronicles. She is extremely tough... And somewhat scary. And definitely twisted. But, I feel odd picking her out for this particular award, so... Maybe Faramir? He is pretty tough... I mean, if you look to the books, he is tough in character, and one of the bravest men in all Gondor, not to mention holder of the people's love and loyalty. And he is definitely a fierce fighter. And if you look to the movies, this determination to go on, both in character and battle strife, is very fierce. So, I think I'll hand this award to Captain Faramir, head steward of the renewed Gondor.

Most Amazing Sidekick -
Am I allowed to say Sancho Panza of Don Quixote? No? Fine... But he is pretty great... I think I'll refrain from giving Gurgi yet another award, and hand this one to Dr. John Watson of Sherlock Holmes. Unfortunately, his image has been rather stained by too many exaggerations and caricatures, so most here won't understand why I award him. Go read the original Sherlock Holmes Mysteries by Arthur Conan Doyle without thought of any movies or shows made, and you will know why.
One You're Surprise You Loved -
Really? This is yet another one Gurgi could be nominated for. Well, unfortunately, Gurgi already got an award, so I'll have to shove him out the door again (sorry, Gurgi!). I think this one goes to Dustfinger of Inkheart. While I've only ever read pieces of the book, and been watching the movie mostly, I was always confused and frustrated by how much I loved Dustfinger, when he was such a mercenary. But he's a lovable mercenary... *sighs happily* And also Farid of the same book (is that how you spell his name? I think it is...). I used to hate him, even though he always reminded me of a friend. Now I love him. I wish he hadn't been so pushed and shoved everywhere throughout the books and movie (and I only know he was because my sister is obsessed with Inkheart and tells me everything). So, let's consider this a joined Dustfinger-Farid award. I mean, they do everything together anyways! :)

Dustfinger and Farid... Aren't they the cutest, most unlikely friends?

Best Sassmaster -
Man, I wish I could tag unpublished characters for this, because this would be a great one for Christina Tenth of Lucy Agnes's space trilogy. Well, I'll say the award is unofficially for her. Officially, the award will go to, uh... (man, can't I award Dustfinger again?) Maybe... how's about Princess Eilonwy of Prydain Chronicles. She can hold the trophy for Christina. :)
Most Lovable Anti-Hero And Morally Grey Grape -
Um, so Dustfinger again...? Why are Gurgi and Dustfinger trying to take all the awards?! Seriously, they must be in league to smash this awards ceremony and become overlords of ink and paper (haha, I can't imagine either of them wanting to be an overlord, especially not Gurgi). Alright, I'll say somebody else. I always loved Boromir of LotR, but I guess he doesn't count. Does Bilbo Baggins of The Hobbit count as an anti-hero...? I mean, he was unwilling to come with them and everything... If he does, then he probably wins, but I'll pick someone else just in case. How about ... Oh, shame on me for picking one from these books, but he is the best character... I'll award Severus Snape Of Harry Potter, for being one of the only tolerable (and lovable) characters in the movies, and still being one of the best in the books. Oh, shame, shame, shame that I picked from Harry Potter... Oh well...
Best Worst Villain To Hate -
Oh, I know exactly 100% who this one goes to. A Monsieur Chauvelin of France, from The Scarlet Pimpernel. He's so despicable, and yet... Somehow in a sense admirable at the same time for his despicable-ness and evil determination. He is one of the greatest villains that ever lived in fiction history. Not to mention one of the cruelest, most infuriating, most determined, most clever ones as well. Seriously. I despised Saruman and Sauron and Smaug  and Arawn and everything, but as villainous as they were to my mind, Chauvelin earned twice as many villainy points. Not necessarily for being more villainous (as Sauron  and Arawn are like the symbols of all evil) but for seeming more villainous - for acting in a truly despicable manner that forces respect from you for his formidable villainousness. So, I take off my hat to you, Monsieur Chauvelin.
Truly Astounding Worst YA Parents -
Okay, here I shall say one thing that makes this hard - I don't usually read YA fiction. I usually peruse that Classics and Children's Books more. So, let me think of the few YA books I have read that I remember... Well, I'm sorry, but I am truly and absolutely unable to answer that one! All of the YA books I've read, well... there weren't any particularly bad parents in them, so, uh...
Truly Astounding Best YA Parents -
Now this I can answer. :) I will say here Geric's father in The Goose Girl. He was just so cool. A little hot-tempered granted, but he was great. Although, his greatness was for himself, not for his parenting, so, maybe not him... Okay, then how about... well, I can't unfortunately nominate Isi of The Goose Girl's amazing father without nominating her somewhat cold and indifferent mother, so, that doesn't work... And, I already said I was pretending that the sequels didn't exist (not that there were any particularly cool parents in that)... Is Inkheart YA Fiction...? I don't know... Okay, maybe I can't answer this one either... :P I'll just cheat and say Geric's father, even though I appreciate him more for his authoritative and characteristic values than his fatherly ones.
Best Ship Of Them All -
Can I say The Black Pearl...? No?! What do you mean it's not in a book?! Oh well... ;) Then I will say The Hispaniola of the lovely book Treasure Island because it's extra-special-awesome. :)

The Most In Need Of Protection -
If I hadn't already nominated somebody from Prydain, I'd say Taran of Caer Dallben, because in the beginning, he's a confident little sugar cookie who doesn't look where he's going... However, I did cheat on my principle of one-character-per-book-awarded with The Goose Girl, so why not The Prydain Chronicles too... No, no, no! I will stop only using my favoritest books and be diverse and creative here with the awards... even if it kills me. ;) So I'll say Dante from The Divine Comedy, because that's what I'm reading right now, and he does desperately need protection/guidance... Thankfully he gets it... :)
Most Boring As A Barnacle -
Oh, definitely Mo of Inkheart. He is sooooooo boring.... Although, I already nominated somebody (two people actually!) from Inkheart, so, maybe not him... Agh! I'm listening to Il Divo's debut first album as I type this, so I'm finding it hard to think of anything boring... or anything at all that isn't the most interesting and exotic and beautiful-sounding... :P Gwystyl from Prydain was really boring, but he was supposed to be, I guess, and I already nominated more than one person from Prydain. I'll say Black Beauty from Black Beauty. I mean, if there are boring and depressing people characters, a boring and depressing horse with a life like that has twice the right to be called most boring as a barnacle.
Best Little Royal -
Oh, there are sooooo many! :D But, I think I shall say Legolas of LotR. And for all ye doubters who are saying to me 'No way can you nominate him, he's not a royal!', then look again people. Prince of Mirkwood. Just because he doesn't wear a crown and bust about being called 'Your Highness' doesn't mean he's not one of the greatest princes in fiction that comes to mind. In fact, that probably is more proof that he is. :) So, I nominate my lovely pal, Prince Legolas.

Very Surprised You're Still Alive -
Uh, I'm guessing that means a character that should have died a million times already...? Well, Aragorn of LotR  fits that criteria, but I awarded a LotR character. How about Gwydion of Prydain...? There were a bajillion times he was missing and/or thought to be dead. But I did already nominate a Prydainian or two, unfortunately... I guess I'll say Nancy Drew, of the old 1940's - 1960's series, because my brain isn't working and I cannot think of another one. But seriously, I can't think of anyone who's gotten into more life-threatening situations and escaped, so I think she deserves the award. *claps for Nancy*
Best At Horrible Decision Making -
Ooh, I know a lot of characters who are bad at decision-making. Darn, I wish I could say Loki, but unfortunately he's from movies, not books... He is the master of being a loveable character who makes bad decisions... Well, this might be another good one for Taran... Although, if it were movie Aragorn, and not book Aragorn, he'd be another good one for this. Let's see... How's about we award this to Don Quixote, of his self-titled book. He was brilliant at making a decision which often unwittingly led him and Sancho Panza to getting beaten until they felt all their bones were broken. :) So, I think he merits it well enough. While there are worse decision-makers out there, they are mostly from books I would prefer not to mention or have already awarded. So, let's have a hand for Don Quixote! ;)
Cutest Dork -
Oh, I already love this award! :) Dorks are so awesome, especially the cute awkward ones. Man, I am wishing again that I could nominate unpublished characters, because Chase of Anna D.'s Dreamer book would get right in here. Oh well... I also wish I could say Ned Nickerson of Nancy Drew, but I already gave somebody there an award. So I will award Pierre of the Away Goes Sally series. While he didn't enter until the third(?) book, he's still in most of them. And while 'dork' isn't my first choice of a word for him, he was so adorably awkward when he first came to Sally's country. It was cute... I wish he had been a bigger character (not that he wasn't a large one).
The Cleverest -
Can I say Flambeaux of The Father Brown Mysteries? Okay, so I know he is a villain for a while, but he does convert later on, so he's good. And he is incredibly clever. The only one who can really outwit him is fumbling little Father Brown. Who doesn't really seem clever, in contrast to his burglar friend. So let's give this one to one of my favorite characters of all time, the atheist thief turned Catholic detective - Monsieur Flambeaux.
Most In Need Of Nap -
I'm guessing that means a particularly grumpy character...? Oh good. I love grumpy characters. There's just something frustratingly loveable about them, despite their contrary, stubborn I-got-up-on-the-wrong-side-of-the-bed-ness. So, I shall give this one to one of my favorite grumpy characters, a Mr. Edmund Pevensie of The Chronicles Of Narnia. He was so grumpy, but so loveable.... Actually, most people may dislike me for this, but Ed was always my favorite of the Narnian adventures (with Lucy very close behind). The others were not as cool. I liked Eustace only after his change, and Polly was just okay. I really Peter and Diggory, but not quite as much, and I never liked Susan at all. Edmund is possibly the only one I will award of them, for being my favorite, and most in need of a nap. ;)

Want To Read More About You -
Agh!!!! There are soooo many characters that I always wanted to read more of... Well, I guess I'll avoid naming one from a book I've already awarded, and name one of my single favorite fictional characters of all time - Laurie Laurence of Little Women. I just couldn't get enough of that guy. He is JUST SO LOVEABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, there are few characters in all fiction that I like as much as this guy. He is the cream of the cream, the tops in the whole book, the harlequin over all the circus act. I just love him... I can't think of a character before him who caused more emotion from me. Even when it was for a good reason, every time the poor boy was sad or got rejected my heart broke. Every time he made a joke or tease I almost died laughing. Every time he was happy, I had to sigh and smile in happiness too. :) He is one of the most addictive characters of all classical fiction of ever.  I can only think of a few other fictional persons that interest me close to as much (namely, the Blakeny duet from The Scarlet Pimpernel). So, I'll give this last award to one of my longest-standing favorite book characters, Mr. Laurie. :)
Well, that about wraps it up people. I've given awards to several different formidable characters, and talked about my favorite works of fiction (even though I cheated, because this award-thingy was mainly for YA characters...). So I'm happy now. :) If anyone else wants to do it, here are the awards to be given:
Most Relatable Character
Most Pure And Precious Animal Companion
Fiercest Fighter
Most Amazing Sidekick
One You're Surprise You Loved
Best Sassmaster
Most Lovable Anti-Hero And Morally Grey Grape
Best Worst Villain To Hate
Truly Astounding Worst YA Parents
Truly Astounding Best YA Parents
Best Ship Of Them All
The Most In Need Of Protection
Most Boring As A Barnacle
Best Little Royal
Very Surprised You're Still Alive
Best At Horrible Decision Making
Cutest Dork
The Cleverest
Most In Need Of Nap
Want To Read More About You
And that's it, people. :) So, with Ani, Gurgi, Faramir, Watson, Dustfinger, Farid, Eilonwy, Snape, Chauvelin, Dante, Legolas, Nancy Drew, Don Quixote, Pierre, Flambeaux, Edmund, and the lovely Laurie, I wave goodbye. :)
What did you think? Do you agree on the characters awarded? Do you want to take this tag up? Is Miss Cait regretting letting me take this up? ;) Is anybody else reading any of these books mentioned?


  1. Ohhhh, Belle!! This was a magnificent post! For almost every single one I was just nodding and squealing and agreeing (internally at least). Chauvelin, YES. Flambeaux, my darling whom I was just reading about today! (I can't say my own Dar Beauregard wasn't heavily influenced by him.) And you mentioned Christina! My goodness, I'm so utterly flattered! And Dante as the most in need of protection cracked me up. That's so accurate! Have you gotten to the part where Virgil refers to him as "mousey-mouse" yet? :)

    Well, I must go, otherwise I'd be sitting here forever just agreeing in bliss. (And Gurgi! I'm so glad you love Gurgi! He's impossible not to love, isn't he??) I may very well steal this tag for m'self... We shall see!

    1. Oh, and Edmund is totally in the running for my favorite of the Narnia children...or Pevensies, at least. I just can't decide between him and Peter and Lucy.

    2. Haha, yes, dear Gurgi. Like I said, him and Dustfinger were like trying to take every single award! It was so frustrating, because I just kept thinking of the same characters over and over. :) And it was doubly frustrating because one of them was from Inkheart, which I don't even like and have never even finished. I just like two characters from it is all. :) Sirs Dustfinger and Farid.
      Yeah, Edmund has always been my favorite of all the Narnia-explorers total, but with Lucy close behind, and then Peter... and then probably either Diggory or post-change Eustace.
      I was tempted several times to nominate one of your or Maria's characters, and even my favorite one of Anna's too. I just couldn't help myself from breaking all the rules, could I...? :P

  2. WATSON IS GREAT, YES. The original stories and memoirs are very intriguing :)

    Faramir! That's such a good choice for that category; I'd never have considered him, but now that you nominate him, I definitely see why!


    Oh my goodness, movie!Aragorn made the silliest choices sometimes, I swear. And he should have died approximately 2539213 times throughout the books. (Probably a secret wizard, tbh. ;) )


    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

    1. Oh, yes, Watson!!!!!! And Faramir is contending for my favorite book character in LotR (second only perhaps to Legolas?). And while I am no Inkheart fan, Dustfinger and Farid are just so unlikely and adorable. Yeah... movie Aragorn was about one fourth as cool and intelligent as the book Aragorn. He was still cool, but he did a lot of not-so-smart things. As for Eustace... *laughs* I loved him once he changed. Before that, well... maybe he did deserve it. ;)

    2. Btw, thanks for commenting and if you want you can pick up this tag. :)

  3. Nice answers! Haha! I completely agree about Nancy Drew, as much as I love her, I a quite surprised she's still alive.:)
    Aww! Thanks for mentioning Chase!

    1. Yes, Nancy gets into quite a bit of trouble sometimes... :)
      Well, Anna, you know me and Chase... ;)