Monday, May 1, 2017

Sunshine Blogger Award... Again :)

Yes, I know I've done this tag before. But I have taken it up again, from Lucy Agnes, Anna R., and the Miss Hope, so there. And thank you to all three of those lovely ladies for tagging me. ;) And... I'll get right to it without another bit of chatter.
These are the rules for it:
Thank whoever tagged you with a link back to her blog.
Answer the eleven questions given from the person who nominated you.
Tag eleven more bloggers and give them eleven questions.
List the rules and display the award.
So, I'll get right to the lovely questions from Lucy now. :) After that I shall tackle Miss Hope's (Anna's will then be taken after that, phew!).
Favorite old tv show?
Haha, my favorite tv show period is an old tv show. It's the lovely old comedy called I Love Lucy. :) I love that show soooooo much. And if anybody's asking, I am almost always on Ricky's side in their arguments. LOVE LOVE LOVE RICKY. Ricky is my favorite... He's just an amazing Cuban-accented, slightly sarcastic, scheming and clever, handsome show business husband. And that is a recipe for a Belle love if ever I've heard one. ;) The entire show is funny too, not just Ricky. I sometimes find myself oddly identifying with Ethel Murtz, Lucy's best friend (I am often dragged into harebrained schemes by my own nutcase best friend, like Ethel). And as much of a nut as Lucy is, I still love her (after all, it is I Love Lucy!). ;) And Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz are so cute together in it. And Desi Jr., aka Little Ricky, is one of the cutest kids ever.
A movie you watched again and again and again as a kid?
Um... There were a lot. However, I'll do a very Belle-ish thing and shock everybody with my most beloved movie as a kid. ;) My favorite movie as a kid was not Scooby Doo, or Barbie, or any cartoon, even though I watched them much as well. It was an old musical movie called Royal Wedding, that starred Fred Astaire (shockers!) and Jane Powell (and if I have not mentioned it before on this blog, I am like the biggest Fred Astaire lover in the world). It's one of Fred Astaire's more obscure movies, which is unusual, since it's actually in color, and has a fairly well-known actress starring with him. It also has the loveable Peter Lawford acting in it for a lovely bit of variety. :) I have been watching it from childhood, even before I knew the beloved name of Fred Astaire, but was only watching him cluelessly. One of my favorite things to watch ever, even from the earliest days, has been the part in Royal Wedding where Fred Astaire dances on the ceiling of his room. I love that scene soo much... :)
Pet peeve as a reader?
When people cut sentences short and clip scenes that you need thought for. I hate having a tiny excuse for a two-sentence paragraph when you should have a whole soliloquy for what's going on in the character's head. But, unfortunately, such is the trademark of modern writing.
Pet peeve in real life?
When someone thoughtlessly and rudely tells you to stop singing. Especially when you were trying to get chores done. I mean, seriously, is it reasonable to ask someone to do chores and not be allowed to sing while doing so?! ;)
Fictional death you cried over?
Oh... so many... Well, there's Robin Hood, King Arthur, Gawain, Prince Rhun from The Prydain Chronicles, Boromir from LotR, Vernon Castle from The Story Of Vernon And Irene Castle (which isn't really fictional actually, I suppose), Kit's father in the 2015 Cinderella, Violetta from the opera, La Traviata (The Fallen Woman), Marcellus and Diana from The Robe, etc., etc. A lot of deaths... ;)
The death of Violetta Valery from La Traviata. Only wish I could've found a picture of the version with Frank Lapardo.
A book you wouldn't mind getting zapped into?
Um, let's say Pride And Prejudice. I frankly would love to try my luck with Mr. Bingley (would say Darcy, as I like him better, but I fear it would be a tad more difficult). :P ;)
A book you definitely would mind getting zapped into?
Harry Potter. If anyone even thinks for one second that I'd like to be in the chaotic world of Harry Potter, then that party needs to think again. :)
What font do you generally use when writing stories?
Um, I just use the default font. Unless I'm writing poetry, in which case I use Lucida Handwriting.
Something you dislike simply out of obstinacy?
Well, rather hilariously, I have the same answer as Miss Lucy. Divergent is something I know very little about, but I refuse to like it because it is an extremely popular thing. And also Hunger Games too, even though I do know a bit about that.
Favorite thing about Easter?
I don't know!!! I love the awesome special vestments the priest wears for the Easter Mass. And I love the special choral hymns for Easter. And I love the whole Easter octave! And I love the vigil! I just love Easter! :D
Number one place you would like to visit one day?
Um, I'm gonna have to agree with Lucy, and say Rome, Italy. ;)
Alrighty, now for Miss Hope's questions. :)
What is the craziest dessert you have ever had or wanted? I mean craziest! The whole works!
Um, probably this s'mores-bar thing my crazy dessert-experimenter sister made that was really good. It was marshmallow melted over two stack graham crackers, then covered in chocolate and frozen. It was sooo good... I just wanna fall into a chocolate coma even thinking about it...
Who do you admire, and why?
I very much admire G. K. Chesterton. He was a brilliant, and yet child-like mind in a world that needed his warm-hearted logic. I truly wish I could have met him.
What toppings do you take on your pizza?
Um, call me crazy, but I just like an ordinary cheese pizza, thanks. :)
What is your least favorite movie/book/tv show?
Movie: possibly Brave. Also possibly Frozen. It might be a tie. Actually, I take that back. Even those two abominations pale in comparison to the movie Cats Don't Dance. That was... The most horrible cartoon experience I've ever had. And a mocking of my beloved Fred Astaire with a dumb cartoon ginger tabby. I'm only listing my least fav cartoon movie because usually when I don't like a non-animated movie, it's because there's something distasteful in it rather than merely being not my cup of tea. My least favorite book might have to be Dandelion Wine, by Ray Bradbury. That was the most boring, depressing, irrelevant book I've ever read, and I suggest you stay out of a forty mile radius of it. As for a tv show, I might say the new Scooby Doo episodes. What a destruction of an age-old beloved legacy. Plus they kinda adult-ified the series, which was originally supposed to be for kids.
If you could change into any kind of animal, which one would it be and why?
Probably a cat... Because cats are awesome. ;) And that's a very well-thought out reason, just so ya know, haha. :P
What is one thing you can’t live without that is not a piece of technology?
I'm agreeing with Lucy Agnes about soap, but since she said it already... Well, I would find it extremely difficult to go anywhere without an escort. Yes, I said an escort. ;) But my escorts are all gentlemen of the ink-and-paper type. When hiking or going to a park, I take the notebook containing my book, Alomina, so Percy can be my escort. When visiting a friend or relative's house, I take another notebook, for In Greater Hands, and have Vance and Bertie as my escorts. When going on vacation, I use Blakely (from Alagna) as my escort. When in the car, Errius is my ideal escort. And recently, I have a new escort too, but I'm keeping him a secret for now. Basically, I couldn't live without a notebook containing at least one of my precious ink-and-paper people. I cannot live without them! :P
Which famous person or celebrity would you never want to meet?
Um, most celebrities. But Oscar Wilde particularly. He was a scary young man, even if he converted on his death-bed.
You get to spend the afternoon with your favorite human being from history. Who is this person and what do you guys/gals do for the afternoon?
Um, I'm going to keep religious figures out of it, because two people already said Jesus and Mary, and after that, there are far too many saints I would wish to meet. Perhaps Fred Astaire? He always seemed like such an amazingly nice guy, and he would be somebody that wouldn't overwhelm me with their super-historic-awesomeness.
What were your top three favorite childhood tv shows?
1. Scooby Doo.
2. The Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh.
3. Blue's Clues (I actually watched Backyardigans more, I'm embarrassed to say, but I liked Blue's Clues better because Steve = awesome... and funny). ;)

Narnia or Middle earth?
Duh! Middle Earth by 100%. :)
How do you take your coffee or tea?
While I hate tea, I absolutely love coffee. And I take it with a ton of creamer, except in the case that there is no creamer, in which case I take it with half & half and sugar. I like my coffee sweet. :)
Now I can finally get to Anna's questions. Phew! :P
What is your favorite pastime besides writing and reading?
Singing! I am an amateur singer, and am trying to get better. I am a newbie cantor in a church choir, and a previous performer at nursing homes (mostly caroling or Christmas concerts). I also enjoy playing piano.
In LotR, Aragorn or Legolas?
LEGOLAS!!!!! WHO CARES ABOUT ARAGORN WHEN LEGOLAS IS HERE!!! ORLANDO BLOOM!!! YEAH!!!! (btw, I am aware that about the whole world is disagreeing with me on that question and glaring at me for it, lol). ;)
What is your MTBI personality type?
Um, I don't remember what it's called, but it's the same one as Robert Downey Jr. (Grrr!)
Who would you say is the worst villain of all time?
Ever seen the old Skydancers show? It's from the 80's, but I loved watching it back when it was Netflix. However, it has the #1 absolutely least respectable villain in any show of ever in it. And he looks like a fat, striped strawberry. However, since probably nobody here has seen the show, I will say Iron Man in Captain America: Civil War. Haha, and yes, I do consider him the villain in that. For goodness sakes, it's Cap's movie, and he wasn't doing anything wrong! Whereas Iron Man made a lot of mistakes that had bad results, and was (thoughtlessly) antagonizing both Cap and Bucky, which makes him the antagonist in the movie.
If you could go into one book and live the entire story for yourself (either as main character, sub character, or bystander), which would you choose?
Um, I would live as Ani (the MC) from The Goose Girl. She gets to do a lot of cool things... except, she also gets stabbed. Twice. And kidnapped a few times. And almost bitten. And almost stuck into a barrel full of nails pulled by wild horses. But, all the same, her reward at the end would be all worth it. Spoilers... ;)
What is one of your favorite quotes?
"A true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him"
- G. K. Chesterton-
As  military kid, this quote is especially meaningful to me, because it's another reminder of the reasons when, say, my dad gets deployed, or we have to move to another military base.
Would you rather have a griffin, a dragon, a wolf, or an owl for a pet? Why?
Um, providing it were tame, a wolf. Wolves are really cool, and then I would feel like Snake Eyes, with his wolf, Timber (there's a nerdy old G. I. Joe show reference to any dorks out there who love 80's cartoons).
What are your top three most favorite fandoms in the whole world?
1. Il Divo (a.k.a., the biggest obsession Belle has ever had in her life).
2. Opera.
3. Broadway.
I'll say two more, though, because I kinda cheated with Il Divo, because they're kinda Broadway and Opera in one.
4. Old b&w movies.
5. LotR.
The splendiferous Il Divo.
When you first get a story idea in your head, does it start with the characters, the plot, or the theme?
The characters. You always start with the characters. I found out the hard way. When you start out with the theme, then the characters end up - however colorful - all blending into the same mold; whatever one fits the theme. When you start out with the plot, the characters end up bland and stereotypical (especially in action-filled or fantasy stories). And the characters are the most important part of the story. Without them, there wouldn't be a story. And even the blandest plot can be interesting if the characters are good enough. Even the best plot cannot make up for unlovable, unrelatable characters. You start with characters, then plot, and theme comes as the story goes on. At least in my own process. :)
What is your decorating style? (floral, antique, modern, beachy, rustic, etc.)
Antique. Incredibly antique. Like Romantic period. Well, that's how it is ideally, but I find I have a mix of just about everything in my room. Elvis calendar, pink walls, Tangled bedspread, 1949 model poster, a pirate drawing by me, two Batman wall-art things, an antique mirror, a half-finished painting of a butterfly (by my mother), etc., etc. I have a very eclectic room, but ideally my taste is very old and classical (I want to get an Il Divo poster, though, so maybe it's not all old even in my head). ;)
If you were one of the four elements, which would you be? And why?
Haha, I actually took a quiz for which one I was, and I was water. Probably because I am fairly easy-going, but still somewhat reclusive. I'm not sure how the quiz determined it, though. :P
Phew! I answered all the questions! :D That took a while. Now, to tag my successors in this tag:
Anna D.
Kayla Marie
Anyone else in need of a lovely little tag to brighten their day. :)
And here are their questions to answer:
1. Of awesome friends in fiction, do you prefer Legolas and Gimli, Holmes and Watson, or Robin Hood and Little John?
2. Of awesome romances in fiction, do you prefer Eowyn and Faramir, Taran and Eilonwy (of The Prydain Chronicles), or Marguerite and Percy Blakeny (of The Scarlet Pimpernel)?
3. Of awesome solo characters in fiction, do you prefer Bilbo Baggins, Hercule Poirot (of Agatha Christie's mysteries by the same name), or Long John Silver (of Treasure Island)?
4. What country would you never want to visit in any time period?
5. What country would you definitely want to visit in any time period?
6. In fiction, do you prefer romance, friendship, or family bonds as a theme?
7. Your standard tv shows to watch are most similar to Doctor Who, Poirot Mysteries, or I Love Lucy?
8. Your standard book to read is most similar to War Of The Worlds, Harry Potter, or Pride And Prejudice?
9. Do you take coffee over chocolate, or vice-versa?
10. What was the dumbest, but most fun thing you've ever done?
11. Are you a daytime person, or are you more nocturnal?
That's all for now, but I'll come back soon with more tags. :)
What did you think? Did you agree with my answers? Do you like the questions I assigned? By the by, did I mention that I just won Camp NaNoWriMo (and that I will be posting some of it soon)? :D I am also back, and will start getting to the loads of overdue posts that have piled up through April. :P Did you do Camp NaNo? Were you crazy, and still blogging during it? Do have a chat with me! :D 


  1. Love this, Belle! I love all your answers (even if I disagree with one or two of them--not that I dislike Legolas, haha), and your questions are positively stupendous! Oh, Rhun's death was one of the saddest things I ever read. It broke my heart. I think I went through all the stages of grief.

    I can't wait to see some of the fruits of your Camp NaNo labor! I gave up on my word count, but I'm okay with that. Sometimes life gets in the way or ya need a break, y'know? :) But do hurry and post a bit of your wonderful project!!

    1. Haha, well you can disagree, it just reinforces my stubbornness, lol. :P :) Yes, I cried over Rhun soooo much! I couldn't read the book for the rest of the day...
      Yes, well I'm going to post some of it soon, and may be sending it out to prospective readers when I get the chance. :)

  2. Hi, Belle! I realize you are probably feeling drowned in tags just now, but if you want to do this some time in the future... I tagged you for the newly created Hobbit tag! Here it is:

    1. Hahahahahaha, oh my goodness...! Well, thank you for the tag, Kayla, thank you very much! :D And btw, for tagging me, you lovely little chocolate truffle, you are now tagged for this. ;)

    2. Ah, revenge is it??? Well, I accept! The truffle name and the tag!!

  3. This is so awesome, Belle! Though I 40% agree with you on the Legolas thing . . . *looks away shamefully* I mean it's Aragorn! How can you not like Aragorn? Sorry! I will try not to sway you . . . And Legolas is awesome:) And I love "I Love Lucy"! Man, I need to watch that again, it's been SOOOOO long.

    1. Haha, I love Aragorn (especially in the books), don't get me wrong! I just like Legolas better. ;) Oh, I Love Lucy is the funniest show that ever was made. :) But old Abbot and Costello movies come close. :)

    2. Oh my goodness! I LOVE those two! They tie with Laurel and Hardy:)


  4. Thanks for the tag, and congratulations on finishing Camp NaNo!

    1. You're welcome! :) And thanks! ;)