Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Bio Of Percy De Blyrwen

Hallo, comrades, and welcome to the first character bio on this blog! The bio of one of my first recognizable characters, good ole Perce. :) In the comments, you can ask him any questions for his interview, and he will answer them all. :) Hopefully, we have plenty of questions for him, because he is a very good character about answering interview questions cooperatively (unlike some characters...). So, today, without further ado, we have the bio of the voted interview subject, Lord Percy de Blyrwen (voted in by two against one vote).

Name: Percy De Blyrwen. Age: 20. Nationality: Tresintan. Height: 6 ft. Hair Color: Brown. Eye Color: Bright Blue. Title(s): Lord. Family: Only living are an aunt and sister. Bio:
Percy de Blyrwen was born at the long-standing estates of the de Blyrwen family, a castle of sorts not far from the capital of Tresinta. He was born to a Tresintan nobleman of that clan, a Lord Stefan de Blyrwen, and Stefan's wife, Lady Regina de Blyrwen, also a Tresintan. He was their first child, and was received quite joyfully, an heir to the estates and the respected name of de Blyrwen. When Percy was almost three, a sister was born, little Alomina de Blyrwen. He took to her immediately. Nothing and no one in the world meant more to him from that day onwards. He was very fond of his family, and they were everything to him, but Alomina especially. His mother, in giving birth to Alomina, had become very weak, though, and contracted physical damage. For a time, it was uncertain whether she would live, but after some months, she was just barely able to be let up again. Even with his mother's suffering being a result of Alomina's birth, though, Percy loved his little sister most dearly. His family then consisted of his parents, his sister, and his father's younger sister, Dricynnia. When Percy was but four, and Mina (as he had come to affectionately call Alomina) only two, a small bout of disease came over Tresinta. The last sweep of it just barely reached them. Mina was affected by it, but overcame it eventually. Percy's mother, however, was already far too frail, and between her already overpowering illness and the infection, she was taken, and died. Barely three years later, there were political troubles concerning nearby countries. Percy's father, as a very trusted diplomat, was summoned to try and resolve them in Tresinta's name. So he went, hoping to return soon to his children, and in his absence their aunt took their care.The troubles faded seemingly very quickly, but before they did, both the foreign country's queen and Lord de Blyrwen were killed in a mobbing of the castle. After that, Percy and Mina were raised by their aunt, Dricynnia, who also took charge of the estates until Percy could be (more than nominally) the Lord de Blyrwen. From that time onward, as attached as Mina and Percy were to each other before, they became twice as much so. They were lights to each other in those years, and continued to be throughout their growing-up.

Mina and Percy were perfectly content together - he wishing only to keep her close, she only wishing to keep close to him. Percy in time became Lord of the household, and, being unmarried with no courtships even and no spouse in mind, he named Mina Lady de Blyrwen, at least until the occasion where he was married. He became a rather influential courtier of the king soon, due both to his long-respected family name and his own brilliance and efficiency for such a young person, but he still always made time for his Mina. After a time, their aunt no longer felt the need to look after them, and for the most part went out often to social gatherings and courts and things, though she still nominally lived at the de Blyrwen estates. Percy and Mina were now closer than they had ever been, and every day was one of bliss. Until of course, Percy and Mina went together to a ball of sorts at the royal palace. There, Percy met someone unexpected and started something he would never forget...
Thus is dear Percy's situation up into the beginning of the story. :) What do you think? Have any questions for him? Any requests for the improvement of character interviewing here? Are you looking forward to his interview? (I promise I'll get it in as soon as possible!)   


  1. Awww, Percy! Good job with the bio! I got a very clear mental picture of who he is through this. I especially liked the backstory. I can tell that you really took your time and best effort to develop sure an in-depth history for him. :)

    As for questions, I think I can give a few:
    • What is your favorite thing to do with Mina?
    • What would you do if you found out that Mina was entering a courtship with someone?
    • Do you enjoy being a lord? Why or why not?
    • Do you like your aunt?
    • What was your favorite childhood memory?
    • Does it ever get exhausting to carry the weight of being lord at such a young age?

    1. Oh, my goodness, I love these questions!!!! :D Thank you sooooooooo much, Anna R. :)

  2. Oh, I do love Percy!! Let's see, questions...

    -Do you remember seeing Mina for the first time?
    -What is your greatest fear?
    -Supposing you were to look for a Lady de Blyrwen besides Mina. What qualities would she have to possess to catch your attention?
    -Do you like to read? If so, what kind of books?
    -How do you feel about your horse?
    -What do you believe your best quality is? Your worst flaw?
    -If you were to begin courting someone, how do you think Mina would take it?
    -Are you very good at dancing?
    -Do you enjoy balls and social escapades and such, or would you rather be at home doing something quiet with the people you're most comfortable with?

    1. Oh, thank you! What lovely questions! :) This promises to be a good interview...

  3. How's this -
    Have you any particularly sticky habit?
    Are you on the look for another Lady de Blyrwen at the moment?
    How do you usually dress?
    How do you envision the near future?