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Interview Of Lord Percy De Blyrwen

Hallo! I'm back, with one of my pet characters, Percy, the brother of the heroine, Mina, in my book, Alomina. He is being interviewed, after being voted in from his book's introduction. If you want to read more about him, or missed the post explaining who he is, you can find his bio here, and his story (up to Chapter Thirteen) here. I got quite the lovely set of questions for him, so without further ado, I'll continue onto interviewing him. :)

Me. Hello, Percy! Would you answer some questions for me?

Percy. Of course, my lady. What have you to ask?

Me. First, from Anna R, what is your favorite thing to do with Mina?

Percy. I love riding with her. There's a forest on the estates, with a small glen in the midst of it, and we often ride there together. We've been doing for years... Father was the one who originally showed us the way to the glen.

Me. Alright, what would you do if you found out Mina was entering a courtship with someone?

Percy. *blinks dazedly a moment, and then shakes himself and laughs* I can't even imagine Mina doing so! I can't ever imagine her wanting for anything, or really going anywhere. Anytime she wants something, I am always there to get it for her, and I can't imagine not being able to. Or somebody else doing it for her. I guess I would try to befriend him, but if he wasn't one of the best men alive, you can be assured he'd have nothing to do with my sister in the first place! *smiles sheepishly* I guess I just only hope that I don't have to deal with that any time soon...

Me. Do you enjoy being a lord, Percy? Why or why not?

Percy. *shrugs* I suppose it's alright. I do like that I can actually make a difference in court and things, though. It is decidedly unusual to be in what used to be my father's position, though.

Me. Do you like you aunt, Perce?

Percy. Dricynnia? Why wouldn't I? I love her! She and my parents were the only family Mina and I had. After a certain point, Aunt Cynnia pretty much raised us. Mina and I have always been fond of Aunt Cynnia... *laughs* And I think vice-versa is true as well!

Me. What was your favorite childhood memory?

Percy. *looks thoughtful* I don't know... There are so many memories I have that would fit that... There are so many blessings we had when we were young, I don't know that I could choose but one. I suppose one of my favorites is the memory of my father and mother interacting. They always were so close, and, well, I think it made Mina and I the way we are now, seeing such an example. They acted so closely, and never seriously argued or anything. It makes me happier knowing how, well, good they were. It makes me strongly believe that they can look down to us now from Heaven.

Me. Does it ever get exhausting to carry the weight of being lord at such a young age?

Percy. Sometimes. Mostly I can deal with what is given me duty-wise, and if it gets out of hand, then Mina is always there to at least try to help. *laughs* Maybe she can't really help with the politics, but she makes it seems like it's barely any trouble at all, so helping my attitude towards the politics.

Me. Percy, now I have some questions from Lucy. Do you remember the first time seeing Mina?

Percy. *nods, smiling brightly* Oh, I do! I was out with Father riding when he told me that soon the sibling I had wanted would come. I had begged him tell me when for ages - it just seemed to long to wait. Then he told me, and I was still impatient. For a whole two days afterwards, I wasn't allowed to see Mother, and it made me temporarily forget my sibling in my missing of her. Then, the very next day, Father came to me and asked me if I wanted to see Mother. I went with him, and there I saw Mina. She was so small... I wondered how anybody could even be so small, and I was rather surprised. I'm still not quite sure to this day what exactly my thoughts were then besides confusion. But then, I was permitted to hold her. After that, I felt somehow like a guardian of the little one, and I grew closer to her than anyone else in this world as of yet. I forever after could rare be separated from her, even to this day. *smiles softly* I would never have traded even the memory of that day for anything.

Me. What is your greatest fear?

Percy. *hesitates* Well... I hope it doesn't sound arrogant, but, I'm not really afraid of much... Except one thing I can think of. I know there will come a day when Mina leaves, and it will be for a good reason, one that I cannot fight. I suppose that day is my greatest fear. I can't keep her forever, I know, so I dread the day when she knows it too. Once she chooses to leave for someone else, if he be worthy, I will just let her, I suppose. But I fear the time when such a thing would happen. I don't ever want her to leave... It's selfish, I know, but... I never really wanted there to be anyone else. I know, of course, that there will be someone better one day; someone she may prefer over me, but I don't treasure the thought of someone else taking her away.

Me. Supposing you were to look for a Lady de Blyrwen besides Mina, what qualities would she have to possess to catch your attention?

Percy. *smiles confusedly* I'm not really looking for anyone at the moment. I'm perfectly happy where I am, really.

Me. Yes, yes, I know, but if you were. It's all on that 'if', Percy.

Percy. Well, alright... She would have to be a very moral girl, otherwise there would be no question. What else...? *smiles* I really don't know! If she was good, then that is really all I would require.

Me. Yes, maybe that's all she would need to have, but what other things might catch your attention?

Percy. Well, I love dancing. It's one of my favorite activities. If she could preform the dance particularly well, or at least enjoyed it, then that might catch my attention. Also, intellect might catch my attention. If she was intelligent or clever, then that would be something.

Me. *laughs* So, basically, a good, intelligent girl who loves to dance?

Percy. *smiles sheepishly* That makes it sound very shallow. In my defense, I just put that together out of nothing, as I don't usually think about this, and am not really looking for anybody.

Me. Don't worry, Perce. Those are fine standards. Now, do you like to read? If so, what kind of books?

Percy. Yes, I do like to read. Particularly fairy-tales. I like to read them aloud to Mina sometimes, if we're both just sitting together.

Me. How do you feel about your horse?

Percy. *makes slightly quizzical face* My horse? My horse, Gartrius? I like him, I suppose. I ride
him when I go with Mina somewhere, or when I go to the palace, but, other than that, I don't really even think about the subject much.

Me. So, Percy, what do you believe your best quality is? Your worst flaw?

Percy. I really don't know... Maybe my will? I've always been very determined to finish when I start something, and when I do set my will to something, it's rare I give up.

Me. What about your worst flaw?

Percy. *frowns* Probably also my will. In being so iron-willed, the few times I set myself to something and it ended up being wrong, I was so stubborn that I waited until my last chance to change courses. It is both a help and a plague in a sense.

Me. If you were to being courting someone, how do you think Mina would take it?

Percy. I'm not really looking into courting, really, Miss Belle, I think I said so. *smiles* But, I actually sincerely think Mina would be delighted. *sighs* Mina is far more selfless than I am. If she started courting, I would be tempted to be sad. If I started courting, she would rejoice for me. Mina is such an angel...

Me. Are you very good at dancing?

Percy. *bursts into a hearty peal of laughter quite uncharacteristically* Well, Miss Belle, I'm not quite sure how to answer that one modestly. Let's just say I have been dancing a rather long time, and have gotten slightly touched-up on it.

Me. Do you enjoy balls and social escapades and such, or would you rather be at home doing something quiet with the people you're most comfortable with?

Percy. I like being out, but I enjoy my time at home with Mina the most. So the latter choice, I suppose.

Me. Alright, here's from Darin - have you any particularly sticky habit?

Percy. Yes, I have several. Like running my hands through my hair when I have something on my mind. *laughs* It used to bother Mina how I'd always mess up my own hair whenever I came back from court, back when I wasn't much used to politics. I still do it now sometimes, and I've never been able to quite drop the habit.

Me. Are you on the look for another Lady de Blyrwen at the moment?

Percy. *laughs* How many times, Miss Belle, do I have to say I'm happy where I am? I don't have my eye on anyone at the moment, and I don't have a particular intention to anytime soon. I really am quite content.

Me. *smiles slyly* For now, maybe... Alright, how do you usually dress?

Percy. Well, I usually dress pretty casually, I guess, for a lord. I have my white shirt and some kind of doublet, and then a cape if I go out, and that's about it. *smiles sheepishly* I guess I don't dress quite as nice as some courtiers.

Me. *laughs* You dress a lot better than most guys now, though. If they were to see even your casual, they'd think you were in some crazy costume.

Percy. It seems like you don't have a particularly high opinion of outfit in your time...

Me. *laughs* Not particularly. Now, last question, Perce. How do you envision the near future?

Percy. *shrugs* I guess I envision it to be a lot like now. Mina and me together, living simply, court being calm, and things just being as they are now. I hope that this will be the case, at least, and I am pretty sure things shouldn't change anytime soon.

Me. *smiles mysteriously* Well, you'll see if that's true or not soon, I suppose. That wraps it up, Percy, so you can go now.

Percy. Of course, my lady. Farewell!

Me. See ya, Perce.

There you go! Thus ends Percy's interview! Did you like it? The next interview will depend on how the votes stand between these four next candidates:
Lady Alomina (Mina) de Blyrwen - Percy's rather child-like sister, the selfless heroine of her similarly-titled story.
Princess Celeise - The crown heir of Tresinta (Percy and Mina's kingdom), and a haughty-seeming noblewoman.
King Edarian - Princess Celeise's father, and the king of Tresinta, struggling to do the right thing in a hard situation for his daughter.
Madam Dricynnia de Blyrwen - Percy and Mina's somewhat flustery aunt, with some slight eccentricities and an inclination to often spoil Percy and Mina.
Depending on who's voted in, I will post a bio soon to receive questions for that candidate.


  1. This was so delightful! It made me smile the entire time I was reading it. :) Oh, I love Percy so! His answer to the question about dancing practically made me laugh aloud. :)

    Ohhhh, how shall I ever pick between these characters?? I can't! And yet I couldn't bear to abstain from voting, either....Oh, let's go with Mina! The other three are all tantalizing and tempting and whatnot, but I feel Mina should have the next interview as the heroine of the story.

    1. Oh, thank you! I am glad you liked it.
      Haha, well, I guess Mina should, as the heroine, and the most prominent one of them who has not been interviewed. :)

  2. I saw the title of this post in my email and started freaking out. And I'm at work, so I'm trying to keep my composure, but my head is screaming "OH MY GOODNESS IT'S PERCY!!!"
    Lovely interview! I love Percy so much! Hopefully there will be more chapters sent in to the Inklings because I must find out the end of this wonderful tale!
    As for candidates . . . Uhhh . . . Celeise or Mina. I can't choose between the two! Do you have a coin I flip?
    Looking forward to the next interview!!! :)

    1. Haha, I'm glad it caught your eye! :) Thanks for stopping by, Hope! And I didn't know you were a blogger... Hmm... I may have to come over and take a look... ;)

    2. Yep! New blogger - started in December:)

  3. Oh, I love this interview!! Percy is so sweet, and I love how protective he is over Mina!! :D I definitely not Celeise! I love her so much!

    1. Haha, I'm glad! :D And yeah, Perce is sometimes a little tooo protective, though... As you'll see... Spoilers! ;)
      Oh, dang... Now we're really at a draw for voting...

  4. Awwww! What a sweetie! Can't wait to hear more about him!

    1. Thanks! Got a preference for voting...?

    2. Oops, I didn't realize voting was going on...

      I WOULD LOVE ONE ABOUT MINA??? So that's my vote. :)

    3. Haha, that's alright. :) Alrighty, looks like Alomina won! :D