Monday, February 6, 2017

Beautiful People February: Couple Edition

Hey! Today I am coming in with my first BP! (rather than BB., of which I did all three.) It is the lovely couple edition, so I decided to hit it off withmy very oldest couple, Lord Percy de Blyrwen and Princess Celeise Anatria De-Vistrina Ellette (yeah, I know it's a mouthful!) from Alomina. So, without further ado, Beautiful People, brought to you by Mistresses Cait and Sky. :)

1. How and why did they meet?
Haha, they met at a ball. To be precise, Percy was getting wine to take back to Mina. However, he got distracted, and he bumped right into Celeise, spilling the drinks all over her dress, and just barely catching her before she fell onto the floor. All I can say there is that Celeise was not too happy, especially being the haughty, uptight princess she is. But Percy did try to apologize... ;)
2. What were their first impressions of each other?
Well, Percy was very apologetic and he tried to be friendly, because he had just spilt wine all over the crown princess of his country. But, to be honest, though he tried to merely apologize, his first impression was being smitten. Celeise's first impression of Percy was seeing him as some throne-seeking flirt who did it on purpose to attract attention, or a clod who was half-blind and couldn't competently walk.
3. How would they prove their love for each other?
Celeise kind-of proved she liked him at least a little bit when she let him in at all, so to speak. Merely by exempting him from the usual cold shoulder she gave most potential suitors was enough to show she liked him. Percy proved it by being willing to let his stance as just a courtier humble him, without discouraging him from her love.
4. What would be an ideal date?
One where it was just them, and at his home, the De Blyrwen Estates, because then it would really feel like she was a De Blyrwen already. Unfortunately, this cannot happen for certain reasons... :(
5. Is there something they emphatically disagree on?
Not really. Although, while Percy complies to all the laws and will completely respect them, he is not a fan of politics, while Celeise basically spends her social life obeying and/or speaking her approval of some law or other in court.
6. List five food quirks they know about each other.
Well, they actually don't know things like that about each other very well at the moment. However, were Celeise to know about Percy, something she may find is
1. He doesn't like blueberries, due to an event as a child.
2. He loves juts about every other kind of berry.
3. He cannot cook for the life of him, because he's never tried, and so has very few food preferences.
4. He doesn't drink wine in any large amounts ever, and doesn't drink it at all except at parties or banquets.
5. He likes sweets.
If Percy were to know Celeise's preferences better, he may find that
1. She doesn't usually eat sweets.
2. She always takes wine, because it's more polite to the host (if you are out) to drink it rather than not drink it.
3. Her appetite is rather small, with her being trained from a very young age not to eat uncouth amounts of food.
4. She knows a bit about how to cook, merely because she reads extensively.
5. She has a great many various food preferences when asked, outwardly, but at heart is not picky at all really.
7. What's one thing they know about each other that no one else does?
Celeise is aware of Percy's deep devotion to her father, the king, a thing which few other people really realize. Percy also was one of the first people to really discover Celeise's 'human side'. She was very cold and haughty towards any strangers or non-family people until she met Percy (and even he got a bit of that treatment when they first met).
8. What's one thing they keep secret from each other?
Um, there isn't really anything. Percy's definitely not a secret-keeping type - if he trusts you, then he will confide in you. And even the many secrets Celeise has are not secret really from good ole Perce.
9. How would their lives be different without each other?
Oh... wow... Even thinking about if they'd never met is a drastic change. Woozas. Celeise would have remained a cold, haughty court princess all her life (well, until she became a cold, haughty court queen, that is). She would have never thought about her future, she probably would have just married some foreign prince, and been a rigid ruler without much life. Percy would probably have never gotten involved with anyone at all romantically. He did not really count on ever falling in love, and only the very moment he met Celeise did anything even relatively resembling romantic thoughts for his own life pop into his head. He probably would have stayed at home with Mina, a happy bachelor for the rest of his life, and Mina wouldn't have probably gotten married because he wasn't. That is so weird. Man, I never realized before how important it was just that Percy and Celeise met. :P Very vital to the story...
10. Where do they see this relationship going?
Ehh... You really want me to answer that one? Egh... Well, unfortunately, they don't see it going anywhere. They see it being separated forever, both only trying to forget the other, neither ever actually doing so, neither ever being able to let go of the memory. Frankly, if they could see each other again, they would. But, due to a certain detail in plot, they can't. Ever. Never, never, never ever, ever, ever. :'( So, well, good-day to that... Except that it won't be good day... :P
So that's my Beautiful People. What did you think? I'm sorry it was rather clipped - I was in a hurry. Plus, I was going to do it with a different couple, until I remembered that their being a couple was a plot twist, and I couldn't give spoilers, so I just reverted to an earlier couple. :P Do you like Percy and Celeise? Are you frustrated, like me, that I couldn't find any pictures of Celeise which showed a close-up of her face? Do you think that you would ship them? Or do they just sound like a failure (like a lot of my couples)? :) Hehehe, the first one to tell me in the comments that my fictional romances stink gets an award for being the most honest person here. ;)


  1. Oh, Percy and Celeise! I love them so, the poor sweet dears. :'( Of course I ship them!

    This lovely post has gotten me excited about this month's Beautiful People. :) I believe you're familiar with the couple I'll be featuring, Belle...

    1. Haha, yes, I know you do. ;) I can tell you, Percy didn't get half as much attention as he does now before you were reading his story. Wow, that was a while ago... Back then, my only reader was Maria, and Perce didn't have much characters, so he wasn't a particular favorite with her.
      Ooh! Who, who, who?! I WANT TO KNOW!!!

    2. Well, I'm certainly glad I've contributed to Percy's much-deserved attention. :)

      Hmm...I don't believe I'll tell you. ;)

  2. "He doesn't like blueberries, due to an event as a child." .... I must know the details....

    Lovely post! And of course I love Percy and Celeise! And no, they do not stink - that is the truth. It's heartbreaking they can never really be together, unless you, their creator, found a way for them to live happily-ever-after :) Even after all Percy has been through or is going through, he deserves a happy ending!

    1. Hehehe, back when I used to write down BP (because I had not blog) I did one for Percy, and it told the story. Basically, he's always loved berries of every kind, but most of all blackberries. When Mina and he were children, they'd go through all sorts of things to get blackberries. One day, they found a small bush of the treasured berries in the woods, but it was surrounded by thorn bushes. Mina didn't try to get it due to this, but Perce was determined. He trudged his way through, but got caught in it and stuck. Mina tried to help him, but ended up falling in the thorn bushes too. Eventually, they both got to the berry bush, only to discover that it was not the priceless blackberries, but only blueberries. Since then, Percy has had no taste for them.
      Yeah... hehe, that's one of the many things on my list: "Find a way for Sir Heartbroken Hero to be happy again"... hehehe... still working on that... :P

  3. Cutest couple ever! I totally ship them! I just love them both and they are both so cute!! I know what you mean by all your fictional couples being failures. I am so terrible at writing romance, probably because I avoid reading almost anything with a romantic plot at all cost. I like romance sprinkled in a little here and there. So, I am terrible at romances. This couple is the most adorable thing ever!!
    Also, is the previous couple that you were going to do it for, Mina and the Count?!?!?

    1. Hahaha, thanks! Yes, romance is so lovely to read, but so hard to write! I have trouble not laughing at my own romances sometimes... Or just sobbing over them because they're a) a writing failure, or b) a failure in the story...
      Hahaha, very funny, Anna. No, I was not going to do Mina and the Count, hahaha. :P I was going to do a couple from a book I haven't introduced on here yet, a book called 'Alagna'.

  4. Oh they are a beautiful looking couple! ;D BUT I'M SAD THEY WON'T STAY TOGETHER!! I WANT TO SHIP THEM BUT SADNESS. And omg the fact that they met because he spilt drinks all over her definitely makes me want to ship them.😂 I love it!
    Thanks for joining in the linkup!

    1. Haha, thanks! Yes, me too! They're my oldest couple, so I feel like it just isn't fair to let them stay apart! :'( AGH!!!! WHAT HAVE I DONE TO MY CHARACTERS???!!!

  5. I definitely ship them! Though now I want to know why they can't stay together. My heart will be broken along with theirs. :( No, your romance does not stink at all! Their relationship sounds super sweet and just the right amount of complicated.
    Lovely post! :D

    1. Oh, I'm glad! :) Well, it's because of a difficulty that comes from a part of the plot. Haha, well thanks! I'm so glad you stopped by! :D