Friday, February 10, 2017

Introducing... The Penning Tournament!

Here today am I to introduce a brilliant idea simultaneously thought of by Miss Lucy@Tanglewebs and Fairy Rings.
You see, both her and I are a part of a guild of sorts for writers. Under this guild both our writing flourished, and with the almost weekly assignments from it, I was writing a completely improvised story (with the help of two lovely readers, including Miss Lucy). Unfortunately, as of recent times, the guild has been temporarily inactive, and so, though it hasn't really been that long since the guild was together and assigning things, I immediately panicked. How was my improv story, made completely off of assignments, going to stay improvised when there was so much temptation to not be patient for assignments?! Well, we had an idea. Both of us, I'm sure, miss it, so we decided 'Why not assign each other some things, except on our blogs?'. So this is what brings me here today. :) We are starting an event called 'The Penning Tournament' (I made this name up, and, uh, without Lucy, so if that name is particularly lame-sounding, don't blame her, but presumptuous me). So, this is how it will work if I remember correctly - we both are given an assignment to write within a certain amount of time. If one of us successfully completes the challenge assignment, then she will be the host of the next challenge, and set the next assignment (if both of us complete it, then we'll just take turns, I suppose? And the same if neither complete it). When we do complete it successfully, before the next challenge, we also get to make a victory post on our blogs, to 'show off' the bit of writing we did in the challenge, and to give updates on the tournament.

I was given the privilege of introducing this thing, as Miss Lucy is ever so gracious to me, a much less experienced blogger, writer, person, etc. ;) Uh... I do not know if there will be a picture or insignia for this tournament, and if there is, it will be posted next tournament post because I do not have one now... :P However, I am both willing to let Miss Lucy make one, or make one myself, so hang in there! ;) Anyways. Ahem. We will be doing this for... uh, however long is mutually agreed by the participant parties as long enough, or just until we procrastinate it into the dusts of time (which is not too terribly unlikely given our particular characters). Now, this post is not the first challenge! This is a heads-up to introduce the thingy, and to let Lucy know I have not forgotten. :) I think I covered all the rules...? Oh yes! While neither of us intended for other people joining in originally, I'm sure anyone who wishes to take the challenges to their own writing is plenty welcome. Now, I think that's everything... Oh, wait! I also may or may not be the annoying commentator person throughout it, giving you every single detail you know you wanted to know about how it's going. So, make sure you're a good distance away, 'cuz I've got a very loud voice and a megaphone to go with it! ;D I also am not sure who will be giving the first challenge assignment. I know Lucy wanted me to start this thing off, but I'm unsure whether she wanted me to assign the first one or not, so I'll have to shoot her an e-mail before we begin officially. Also, the reason I'm doing this now, rather than procrastinating into the summer is because Miss Lucy, I have heard, will at that time be busy being a famous stage actress. :) So, for that, a hand of applause for Miss Lucy! *claps enthusiastically* And believe me, Luce, I'm coming to see! ;) But anyways, enough embarrassing Lucy, I suppose I've got to stop talking, or else this post will be too long for its originally intended minimal length. So, good day to my audience, and to Lucy, good luck! ;)
What do you think of the idea? Isn't Lucy just a genius, thinking of this (and, creepily enough, at almost the same time as I did)? Haha, was my make-shift name for it terrible? Do you think we'll do alright in it? Or will we both become shriveled ink-creatures, hiding from the light and obsessed with the stories? (Not that I'm not one of those already, haha...)


  1. Haha! Oh, Belle, you started it! Huzzah! I can't wait for the first challenge! And "the Penning Tournament" is a wonderful name! This is going to be so much fun! My, what a lot of exclamation marks!

    *clears throat* Anyway...of course you may begin the first challenge. :) And I'm glad you're looking forward to the play! :)

    1. Yep! You know Belle; it's always one of two things - jump head-first into it without thinking, or procrastinate an eon. I guess I kinda did both...? :P ;)
      Yay! Oh, yes! Although, I must say, the plot of the play sounds suspiciously like another book I'm reading, 'Dandelion Wine'... Hmm... :P

    2. Oh, I've started Dandelion Wine a couple times, but never finished it... I can see how it might be similar to Our Town.

    3. Hahaha, yep... Let's hope Our Town is better, because Dandelion Wine is one of the most boring and pointless books on the planet. :P