Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Bio Of Lady Alomina De Blyrwen

I'm back, with more interview updates. I'm sorry it took so long.. :P I have been terribly short of attention as of late, and so have not really typed up any posts that weren't relatively clipped, and didn't feel like posting much at all. But, I am back with the voted-in interview subject, Lady Alomina (or Mina, for short) de Blyrwen. You can find an introduction of her self-titled story, Alomina, right here, and the actual story itself (up to Chapter Fourteen) here. The previous interview, of her brother, Percy, is here. Please ask her all you like in the comments so I can interview her soon! That being said, I bring you without further ado, Lady Mina.
Name: Lady Alomina de Blyrwen (known to Percy as Mina). Age: 17, almost 18. Nationality: Tresintan. Height: Five foot five (roughly). Hair Color: Chocolate brown. Eye Color: Unsure right now. I'll say brown, I suppose, because that's what I was considering changing it to (originally it was blue-green). Title(s): Lady de Blyrwen. Family: Her brother, Percy, and her aunt, Dricynnia. Bio:
Alomina was born at the de Blyrwen estates, the joyfully-received second child of the Lord and Lady de Blyrwen. She was rather frail, but thankfully not unto illness, unlike her mother. When she was born, she was greeted by an older brother - not even three years old yet - who took to her immediately. Percy and her bonded form the beginning, and growing up, she relied on him very strongly. Mina could always be capable, but never really had to be, so she depended on Percy for a good amount.
When Mina was around two, she and their mother caught the last sweep of a disease. It was a very faint one, hardly a danger at all, and so Percy and their father did not even catch it. On the other hand, Mina and their mother did. Alomina recovered eventually, and it never affected her too badly, but her mother, already weak for many years, was taken by it. Years after this heartache, the family seemed to adjust, and grew yet closer. It seemed they wouldn't be separated any further, but this would not be so. When Alomina was seven, their father - as a trusted diplomat of the king - was sent to deal with political unrest in a neighboring country, Vellethia, for the Tresintan king. The trouble seemed to be resolved soon enough, and so Percy and Mina rejoiced that they would see their father again soon, though they were quite happy with their flighty aunt, Dricynnia, in his absence. However, their joy faded when they heard the news of how the trouble had been resolved. Shortly before it had faded, a mobbing of the Vellethian royal palace took place. Few were injured before it was stopped, but two lives, those of the Vellethian queen, and Lord de Blyrwen, had been taken. Thus Percy and Mina were raised by Dricynnia from then on.
Oh, I can imagine Percy and Mina playing in the snow together! So cute! Oh, I love them soooo much...
In time, Alomina became a relatively pretty, though small, young woman, often described as 'fairy-like' for both her looks and her nature. She was always of a very subjective and quiet nature, both contrasting the more social one of Percy, and also akin to it in the strength when hard times came. She never really looked about for her own future, because the only future that seemed within her sight was the present she already owned, of her small family together in happiness. However, she was not - as it might seem for one of such childlike and shy character - secluded. She was taken out often by Percy to the social events, and he was the only one who could convince her to come out, even though she loved it once she was out. It is at one of these times, being out, that a most unexpected thing happens...
Thus is Mina's situation as the story begins. I know that this poor post is rather short, but really, I wrote almost all the backstory (that I'm allowed to tell you) for both of them on Percy's, so this is mostly just repeating. What did you think? Do you have any questions for Mina? Load her up with 'em, because she doesn't talk a whole lot on her own, unfortunately. And guess what? This is my first time interviewing her! Yay! So, we'll see whether it turns out well or not. ;)


  1. Yay, Mina! I just want to give her a hug and tell everything will be okay.
    What is your favorite book?
    Do you like to do any craft projects? Knitting, drawing, sculpting, or embroidering?
    I know you love your brother, but what is one thing you can't stand about him? Maybe a bad habit of his?
    What is your favorite season and why?
    Do you have secrets you keep from Percy?
    What is your favorite sweet?
    And lastly,
    Is there some place you've always wanted to go, but never did?

    Can't wait for the interview, Belle! I love Mina so much:)

    1. Thank you, for the questions, Hope! I'm sure she'll love answering them! :)

  2. It's Mina!!! Hooray!!
    1. What's one vice you can't stand in other people?
    2. What's one virtue you particularly admire?
    3. Would you mind sharing one flaw of your own?
    4. How about a particular virtue of yours?
    5. Let's say you were to become romantically involved with someone...what sort of qualities would he have to possess in order to win your heart?
    6. What has your education been like? What sort of subjects are your favorite, and which do you hate?
    7. Do you like music?
    8. What's one thing you're afraid of?

    Haha, sometimes I cant think of any questions and sometimes I think of too many. :P Can't wait to see this interview, Belle! Tell Mina hi for me!

    1. Thanks for those lovely queries, Lucy! And don't worry, I'll tell her. ;)

  3. What a lovely young lady! Can't wait to get to know her better!

    My questions:
    What do you want most in the world?
    If you could change one thing about the world what would it be?
    Do you have any secrets?
    What do you fear most?

    1. Thanks for the questions, Kayla Marie! ;)