Monday, February 13, 2017

Interview Of Lady Alomina De Blyrwen

Hello! Today I am interviewing Lady Alomina, the heroine of my book, Alomina, with some lovely questions from you, my audience. Lady Mina's bio can be found here, the introduction to her story here, and the previous interview, of her brother Percy, right here. Her actual story (up to Chapter Fourteen) can also be found here. So, that being said, I'll continue with the interview.
My drawing of Mina... Unfortunately, when I downloaded it, it became very blurry.

Belle. Hello, Mina. Mind if I ask a few questions?
Alomina. No, I don't mind...
Belle. Alright, then let's get right to it! Here are some from Hope: what is your favorite book?
Alomina. *smiles brightly* There's a book of fairy-tales that Percy used to read to me all the time, and though I practically have it memorized now, it's still my favorite.
Belle. Alright, do you like to do any craft projects? Knitting, drawing, sculpting, or embroidering?
Alomina. Oh, I love to embroider! I love to sew, and I do it all the time. Very few hobbies bring me greater pleasure.
Belle. I know you love your brother, but what is one thing you can't stand about him? Maybe a bad habit of his?
Alomina. *looks shocked, and eyes go wide innocently* Oh, dear, no! There is nothing I can't abide in Percy... But he does have a few habits. I've learned to live with them, so they don't bother me, though. For instance, he runs his hands through his hair a lot when he's distressed. And he also has a habit of absent-mindedly reading aloud if he's reading in the same room as me. And he sometimes taps his foot on the ground if he's sitting down.*laughs* Actually he has quite a few habits, I suppose, it's just that none of them particularly irk me.
Belle. Really? Nothing? *grins* I have four brothers, and all of them irk me.
Alomina. *smiles* Well, there never was a brother quite like Percy.
Belle. *nods* Unfortunately true. Next question is, what is your favorite season and why?
Alomina. Oh, my favorite season is most decidedly the autumn! Percy is home so much more then, because of our country's holidays, and then he is much less worried all the time.
Belle. Do you have secrets you keep from Percy?
Alomina. *hesitantly* No... I don't keep any secrets from him, really. Sometimes I almost think  he must get exasperated with me, telling him every single news of the day, and yet, then I remember that it's Percy, and he is never cross with me or anything. I really don't know what I ever did to deserve even being born in the same country as him, much less being his sister.
Belle. Alright, what is your favorite sweet?
Alomina. Pastries, to be sure! Particularly berry ones... *laughs* Percy and I have always loved berries...
Belle. And is there some place you've always wanted to go, but never did?
Alomina. I can't think of any... I was always perfectly content being at home... It's Percy really that was always the social one. *smiles sheepishly* I probably wouldn't go out at all if Percy didn't so prompt me. Although... *smiles fades slightly* I have always wanted to visit our father's grave. He died in another country, and in the last part of a violent time there, so he was never brought back here. I have never been to Vellethia, where he is... Percy has. Percy has been there, but only once.
Belle. Yes... I actually... *stifles herself hurriedly* Uh, I wasn't going to say anything! No spoilers here! *tries to grin innocently, with very little success* Anyways, that wraps up the queries from Hope. Next, from Lucy, is this: what's one vice you can't stand in other people?
Alomina. Well, there's no vice I absolutely can't stand, but aggressiveness in people bothers me. I always wonder how anyone could fell so desolate as to behave that way, and it makes me very sorry for them.
Belle. What's one virtue you particularly admire?
Alomina. Well... I value hope greatly. I always try to give a bit of it, even if I can't have it. *looks down* I keep it in hard times, because I was never clever or able to find a real reason to not give up, I only just hoped.
Belle. Would you mind sharing one flaw of your own?
Alomina. *looks down shamefully* I'm afraid I have rather an all-too childlike disposition, and often it gets in the way of being clever or rational, or being brave. I have always been naïve, I suppose, for this nature.

Belle.  Let's say you were to become romantically involved with someone... What sort of qualities would he have to possess in order to win your heart?
Alomina. *looks up in surprise and blushes* I? I haven't any imagination for even such a situation... *blushes more*
Belle. *smiles* Yes, you have. Come on, what's one thing?
Alomina. *smiles softly* Well... I suppose he would have to be a lot like Percy... The first thing that might catch my interest in him would be innocence of person, or stability of character. *blushes even more deeply* And... and, well, if he could be content with simple things and people, like me, then I daresay nothing more could I want...
Belle. What has your education been like? What sort of subjects are your favorite, and which do you hate?
Alomina. Well, I was educated partially by mother and father... and partially by nursemaids. My favorite thing were always more home-like things, like mending and cooking, rather than history, which was Percy's favorite. I never liked reading as much, though I do now, because Percy was always willing to read to me, and at the time, I didn't see any advantage in reading myself. *blushes and smiles* I think differently now, though.
Belle. Do you like music?
Alomina. Yes, indeed I do... I particularly love dancing music, because to dance is one of Percy's, and one of my favorite things to do.
Belle. What's one thing you're afraid of?
Alomina. *smile fades* Of being alone. *voice grows very soft* If anything ever happened to Percy that took him away too long, or if anything ever happened to me that took me away... I... *straightens, and attempts to look more happy* Well, now you can see why I don't really envision myself in a courtship, Lady Belle...
Belle. *nods* Yes, I know... That's all the questions from Lucy, by the way. And she says hello.
Alomina. *smiles* And I greet her in return.
Belle. Lovely! Well - from Kayla Marie, by the way - what do you want most in the world?
Alomina. *smiles very softly* I suppose... *laughs gently* I'm not very ambitious... I suppose what I want, truly, is just for things to stay always as they are. All I want is for Percy to be happy, and Aunt to be happy, and then I would be happy. If anything in the world could I wish for, I would only wish that all of us only grow closer and better than we even are now. *blushes* I don't believe it's a very interesting wish, but it really is all I can think of...
Belle. No, it's a lovely wish! It's very contented... *under breath* Wish some of the other characters would take lessons from you... Like Mr. Grumpy-with-everything Stevens...
Alomina. *confusedly* What was that?
Belle. *brightly* Oh, nothing. Next question, if you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?
Alomina. *pauses a moment in pondering* I don't know... I suppose I would try to make everybody I the world as happy as Percy and I are! *blushes* Oh dear... I can't even answer two queries in order without mentioning Percy...
Belle. *laughs* It's alright. He is pretty cool.
Alomina. *smiles slightly*
Belle. Anyways, do you have any secrets?
Alomina. Well, I suppose not... I mean, I have secrets, but none of them from Percy, so they're not really fully secrets, are they?
Belle. Well, what's one thing that nobody but you and Percy know, then? It's still kind-of a secret...?
Alomina. Well... I suppose I've never told anybody but Percy the few dislikes that I have. I really try to keep cheerful, but he knows of a few things I do rather dislike...
Belle. *lifts brow in anticipation* Such as?
Alomina. *blushes* I don't like to be asked questions. I despise - or rather - *blushes again* that is a harsh word... I very much dislike anybody asking me things, because often I feel very helpless to give any solid advice or answer. *smiles* But I've gotten a bit better about it through the years, because Percy helps me, despite his also teasing me about it.
Belle. Last question, what do you fear most?
Alomina. I... *looks down slightly* I fear having to ever be on my own - and not just being alone - but, well, truly having to look out and know whatever I'm looking at, I must face alone... To look out and not see Percy's face somewhere... It would be... *bites lip* It would be the end of any minimal spirit or bravery I had...
Belle. *smiles sadly* Well, I would like to hope that you would still have some hope... But, *clears throat* anyways, that's all, I believe. Thank you so much for cooperating, Mina... *laughs* even if you don't like being asked questions.
Alomina. *blushes* I do hope I didn't offend with that answer - I didn't mean for interviewing. And I'm afraid I must have been rather uninteresting to interview, as my answers were all so very similar...
Belle. *smiles* Not at all. I loved doing it, and eagerly look forward to the next interview... whoever it may be for...
End Interview.

Kinda younger-looking Dricynnia.
Well, whoever it may be for depends on the votes for one of these three candidates:
Princess Celeise Anatria de-Vistrina Ellette, the Tresintan crown princess.
King Edarian Dertan de-Carta Ellette, the Tresintan king, and Celeise's father.
Madam Dricynnia de Blyrwen, the fairly young aunt of Percy and Mina.
Okay, okay, I'll still add a fourth one, just for variety:

Agh!!! The only person I can find who looks even relatively like Edarian is Kit's dad in Cinderella! And I feel like a copycat because Percy looks like Kit!!!! AGH!!!! And I can't find any pictures of him that don't also have Kit... *sobs in childish frustration*
Count Montefore.
Count Charles Montefore, the mysterious guest whom Mina runs into at a royal palace ball in Tresinta, with an air to him intriguing and very hidden.
Vote for the candidate of your own choice! :D
What did you think of the interview? Do you like Mina? Or was Percy's better? Who will you vote for? Is anybody else having a fit of gladness and frustration at the same time over Pinterest and its picture-finding ability?!


  1. Oh, Mina! I do love her so! And she said hi to me! Hooray! I loved this interview. :) Mina is so sweet and dear and darling, and...oh, I do hope everything turns out perfectly for her in the end.

    Agh! I was going to have a hard time voting for a candidate, but then I saw you listed MONTEFORE!!! Of course I vote for Count Charles Montefore! I can't help it! I can't! *sobs*

    *calms down, looks up* Oh yes...I have fits of gladness and frustration over Pinterest quite frequently, sort of...*sniff*

    1. Thanks! I'm sure she would love to meet you (after all, I actually think you're a bit like her). Hehehehe... yeah, everything turning out right... Well, I can at least guarantee that at least one thing will turn out right... The likes of that thing you know, I'm sure. ;)
      YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MONTEFORE!!!!!!!!! I hope everybody votes him in. I wouldn't MIND interviewing Celeise, but I would prefer to interview him. Interviewing Dricynnia will be boring. Interviewing Edarian... *gasps in delight and sadness simultaneously* Ahhh! That would be sooo lovely and sad! :')
      Yes, Pinterest is such a tetchy thing, isn't it? :P

  2. Oh Mina is so sweet! Love her so much! Great interview, Belle!

    COUNT CHARLES MONTEFORE!!!! *pumps fist into the air* . . . Anyway, that's who I'm voting for . . . *looks shamefully away*

    And yes, Pinterest can be very frustrating. I'm trying to find pictures for one of my kingdoms, but I can't find any! And I want to do a post on the kingdoms for my world, but there's going to be like one kingdom that has only one picture, while the rest have 5 or 6! *sighs* The search shall go on, or I'll have to draw them myself.

    Did I mention my vote was for the Count?

    1. Thanks!
      Yay!!! I can't wait!!! For you post, that is. And I also cannot wait to write Montefore's bio (if he continues on his majority path vote-wise). ;)
      Agh, Pinterest. One minute, I think I've found the perfect pic, then I look at it again, and realize that it needs something more, so I look for a different one, and end up losing track of the original. Unfortunately, my Pinterest board is on my mom's account (because I don't do Pinterest myself - I only use the good pics for blogging), and it's locked. So, I'm always wishing I could get some friend's opinions on pictures, but it can't be accessed. :P
      Haha, do draw them! It's very fun to draw characters, but I find I often lose patience without human elements in the drawing, like with scenery or buildings (thus, Pinterest is the only option).
      Haha, you might have mentioned it... ;)

    2. Oh, I hate that! Finding a photo and end up losing it and then having to retrace your steps, like what was the photo I had clicked before I found that one? And the one before? And before that? So tedious :P
      haha, I'll try:) And I agree, drawing characters is fun! Updating mine currently, halfway done, and when they're finished, I want to start doing character interviews, kind of like this, but a little different.

    3. Yes, isn't it?! ;)
      Oh, yay! Looking forward to it immensely! Btw, sorry for not commenting much on the blog. I have been reading stuff, just not had a whole lot of time to comment.

    4. Oh, don't apologize! Commenting is not a requirement, and it's good to know it's being read:)

    5. Well, that's good. I did comment on your thing on the Inkling, though, at least. :)

  3. What a complete sweetheart! Though, just out of curiosity, do you find her difficult to write? I feel like all my characters have really STRONG personalities because I find it so hard to write shy, sweet characters. So. Just wondering. :)

    I would love to have Celeise interviewed!!!

    1. Thanks! Haha, actually I do, but not because she's shy. It's mainly because - this answer probably won't make sense - her simplicity makes her very complex. I have trouble writing her because she's pretty deep, and all her outward character is very simple, so it gets hard to keep the balance sometimes between what she thinks and what she does. Plus... I have trouble writing anybody that is not a guy character... Is this... weird...? :P

    2. Makes perfect sense! Like they are so deep and complex but outwardly so quiet... I love her childlike sweetness and trust, though. :)

      REALLY??? That's so funny! I'm better at writing women, myself...

    3. I'm glad it makes sense to you... I always hope she doesn't come off as an uneven character, because originally she was EXTREMELY different in character, haha. Maybe I'll have to post the hilarious story of her beginning sometimes... hehehehe. It makes me laugh even thinking about it, especially compared to now. :P
      Yeah... I'm just weird, then, I guess. Not that I wasn't anyways. ;)

    4. You should! That would be so fun!

      Ha! But we love you anyway...!