Monday, March 6, 2017

Bio Of Count Charles Montefore

So today, I am going to introduce Count Charles Montefore (or, as spell-check wants to call him after my bad typing, Coconut Charles Mount For). Ask him questions in the comments, and I will post an interview of him answering those questions later on. The previous interview can be found here.

Name: Count Charles Montefore. Age: Twenty-one (almost, that is - his birthday, though it is not mentioned, occurs during the span of the story). Nationality: He is a Vellethian. Height: About six foot one...? Hair Color: Very, very, very dark brown... almost black. Eye Color: Very light brown. Title(s): Count (hereditary title). Family: None living any more. His cousin, a certain Hugo Montefore, was the last one to die. Bio: Charles Montefore was born in the ancient, but failing line of Montefore, a line so old that it went back to the beginning of Vellethia as a kingdom. He was one of the only sons born in his generation (the only other being his uncle's son, Hugo), and so he was one of the last Montefores. Their estates as well as their line was failing, and at that time their fortune was only barely suitable for their title, and not the great thing it had once been. They were a proud line, though, and so they did not spend it much, wishing to keep their regime, and only used as was necessary to try and restore Montefore Castle. Montefore's parents were likewise some of the only Montefores in their generation. The Montefores had a long history - a long and half-abandoned history that only they ardently remembered. Montefore's parents died in a mobbing of the royal palace at Vellethia's capital when he was young, along with his uncle. This left him and Hugo as the last Montefores. When he was fourteen, he and Hugo decided to take up the hereditary task (spoilers!) that their parents had died before they could accomplish. They did not succeed in their attempt. It only resulted in the death of Hugo. Though Montefore escaped mostly unscathed, he learned a lesson that day. This attempt also led to Montefore's meeting of the youngest Vellethian prince, Lothaire, whom he would know for a very long time to come. After this for some years, Montefore merely put his energies in either traveling for unknown business or trying to restore the almost hopelessly forgotten Montefore Castle. At the beginning of the story, Montefore is away from Montefore Castle on more untold business, in the capital of Tresinta, to be exact. It is here that he is met by someone he altogether did not anticipate...
Anyways, that's Montefore. I do hope I didn't paint him too wrongly, because I let out a rather larger bit of information than I probably should have. But I was also very vague due to this. So, on a whole, it was a confusing bio, wasn't it? :P Very sorry if it was... And also sorry for how long it took for me to put this up. Ask any questions you have for Charles in the comments, and I shall put up an interview once sufficient query count is reached. :)
What do you think of him? Does he scare you? Or perhaps does he seem very likeable? What do you make of his stance in the story from what I've told? Have any particular questions for him? I can warn you now that you may need to ask a good few questions as he speaks very little and dislikes being forced to speak.


  1. *squeals!*
    *calms down after a minute*
    *clears throat*
    Favorite childhood memory?
    Do you prefer the day or the night?
    What's your type - in terms of women? Innocent? Sweet? Charming? Good dancer?
    Do you like to fence? Ride?
    Do you wear a lot of hats?
    What's the name of your current horse?
    Favorite food?
    Non-favorite food?
    Do you like to read?
    What's your current occupation at the moment? How are you supporting yourself?

    Ooohhhh, I can't wait for this interview!!

    1. Ooh, what wonderful questions! :D Thank you very much! Domoorigatodimazita! Haha, I see at least two questions that I am positive he will give trouble about answering... *sighs and smiles* Montefore...

  2. Spiderman the awesomeMarch 9, 2017 at 5:14 AM

    Cool! He sounds like an interesting read.
    1. What's your favorite thing to occupy yourself? (not a job, but a hobby or something)
    2. What are you best at?
    3. Do you have any friends? Who?
    4. Are you anticipating any troubles at the moment?
    5. Do you prefer to be in Vellethia or Tresinta?
    6. Do you travel often?

    1. Great questions, Spiderman! :) And great name. ;)