Saturday, March 18, 2017

Interview Of Count Charles Montefore

Yes, I know it took a while. Sowwy! But sometimes it takes a while for genius. Haha, sorry. That was not a good excuse (or a true one). :P Anyways, I'm interviewing Count Charles Montefore, from my main book, Alomina, with questions from some lovely audience members here at Worlds Of Ink And Paper. The previous interview can be found here. His bio is here. His story (up to Chapter Fifteen) can be found here.
Belle. Greetings, Count.
Montefore. *nods* Greetings.
Belle. Mind if I ask a few questions?
Montefore. I shall answer them if that is what you mean, Lady Belle.
Belle. *smiles* Good. First up are some questions from Hope. What is your favorite childhood memory?
Montefore. *any slight trace of smile fades, but he doesn't frown*  I have very few happy memories to boast of, I'm afraid. But so you do not suppose that I am in a depression or something of the like, I shall attempt to conjure one up. *thinks for a moment* The memory of my mother, I suppose. I remember her only very vaguely, but the face is enough.
Belle. *interestedly* What did she look like?
Montefore. *gazes off distantly* She looked... *breaks off from thought into expressionlessness again* She looked as any mother who is going to one day die and abandon her child does, Lady Belle. Please continue with the interview.
Belle. *crosses arms disappointedly* Fine. One day you'll tell me some more about you, though.
Montefore. The next question?
Belle. Yes, alright, alright. Do you prefer the day or the night?
Montefore. I don't know. For the thing itself, I prefer the day, I suppose. I dislike the night. Too much can occur during darkness.
Belle. Yeah... You better than most should know that. *clears throat* Anyways, oh dear...
Montefore. What is amiss, Lady Belle?
Belle. Uh... A question that I don't think you'll like to answer.
Montefore. While I cannot assure you I will like to answer it, I give you my word that I will at least try to answer it.
Belle. *shrugs* Fine. But I'll hold you to that. What's your type in terms of women? Innocent? Sweet? Charming? Good dancer?
Montefore. *keeps face expressionless* You were correct in assuming that this query would gain my disfavor, my Lady Belle. However, I have given my word I shall answer, and so I shall. I have little preference in terms of women, My Lady. I do not think I shall ever be turned by any such being, because I have little cares to spare for such things. Nor do I think any such being would be willing to spare anything for me. I may seem to them cold, forbidding, or secretive. All of these things I am as well, in some measure, so I do not think any woman would abide it, and I wouldn't urge nor pray her to, I assure you. So there it stands as a desolate situation.
Belle. *snorts with laughter* You make yourself sound like Mr. Darcy.
Montefore. *raises brow* Who?
Belle. Haha, nothing. A reference to something of a different day than yours, Count. *tries to restrain giggles* Besides, I may or may not know something you don't know about yourself and your future, Count...
Montefore. *ignores remark*
Belle. *clears throat to cover up last laugh* Alright, do you like to fence? Ride?
Montefore. No, I don't like to fence, and I don't unusually enjoy riding either. But I do not mind either one.
Belle. Do you wear lots of hats?
Montefore. *gazes up briefly at brim of large traveler's hat he's wearing* Yes.
Belle. Haha, do you realize you look like Will Turner with that hat on? By the way, that's me asking, not an audience member.
Montefore. Who?
Belle. Haha, another reference.
Montefore. I am not so sure anymore that my existence is entirely original, My Lady Belle, for you continue to compare to things of your own day.
Belle. *laughs* It's okay. I actually wrote you before I even knew about Will Turner or Mr. Darcy. And you just happen to look like Will... It's, uh... coincidence. Yeah, coincidence. *smiles guiltily* Okay, so maybe he just happened to fit your description and I thought he was handsome, so... *smiles again* But anyways, what's the name of your current horse? *bursts out laughing at question*
Montefore. What so amuses you, Lady Belle?
Belle. Um... *giggles* It's just that, because your horse was the only one in the book that didn't have an official name, my sister made up a rather ridiculous unofficial name for it that wouldn't be mentioned in the story.
Montefore. Well, then you can ask your sister my horse's name, because I didn't name him.
Belle. What? Oh, come on, he must have some name.
Montefore. He does have a name, but I didn't name him. I don't call my stallion anything. The only title he was ever called was given him by a stable boy.
Belle. What was it?
Montefore. Dertay. Apparently it meant 'courage' or something of the like in the boy's language.
Belle. That's kinda cool... Um, what's your favorite food, Count?
Montefore. I don't have a favorite food.
Belle. Oh, come on. What's something you enjoy eating?
Montefore. I enjoy venison, I suppose. At any rate, it's better than traveler's bread.
Belle. Non-favorite food?
Montefore. I don't turn down food for my own whims. But I can occasionally tire of traveler's bread.
Belle. Do you like to read?
Montefore. I suppose I do, when I have the time.
Belle. What's your current occupation at the moment? How are you supporting yourself?
Montefore. *frowns* My current occupation is a many-faced one. It could not be summed up in one word... unless the word was 'slave'. And as for my support, it is my dwindling family fortune.
Belle. Alright, these questions are from Spiderman the awesome. What's your favorite thing to occupy yourself hobby-wise?
Montefore. Perhaps thought. Or reading. I don't get a large portion of time for revels, Lady Belle, from my occupation and my attempts at restoring the hopeless bit of ruins that my castle is.
Belle. What are you best at?
Montefore. Traveling fast and remaining a stranger to other people.
Belle. That's a terrible thing to be best at.
Montefore. I don't have a choice. I cannot, at the risk of whosoever I become close to, become close to anyone. They would only be used for being associated with me.
Belle. Do you have any friends? Who?
Montefore. As I previously informed you, My Lady, I cannot have anyone close to me. I cannot marry, or have a family, or even have friends. They would only be used in the same way I am. Besides, I could not ask anyone to try and be with me in my hopeless endeavors of restoring a half-wrecked castle and running errands for slave-drivers.
Belle .Okay, okay... Eeesh... Are you anticipating any troubles at the moment?
Montefore. Yes. I will soon be traveling on another such errand, and I do not know the extent of its difficulty yet.

Belle. Do you prefer to be in Vellethia or Tresinta?
Montefore. Perhaps Tresinta. The extent of my activities in Vellethia are living alone in the ruins of Montefore Castle. In Tresinta I am still alone, but at least I don't have to look at the fallen legacy of my family's home.
Belle. Do you travel often?
Montefore. Fairly often. I travel when called, or when I am not at Montefore Castle. Is that all?
Belle. *nods* Yep. You can leave now if you want.
Montefore. Thank you. *stand up and bows, then leaving*
End Interview.
The next interview will be of
Maid Dricynnia de Blyrwen,
King Edarian II Of Tresinta,
or Princess Celeise I Of Tresinta.
Leave the vote of your choice in the comments! :)
Anyways, that wraps it up. What did you think? What do you think of Montefore? Would you read him? What did you think of the post on a whole? I am, difortunamente, sick at the moment (again!), and so, depending on how bad it is tomorrow, there may or may not be a Catholicism Explained tomorrow. The only reason I am posting this today is because I already had it typed up. I am sorry! I really do keep catching ill, though; I'm not making it up. :P It seems like I'm catching every single little tiny germ that floats around these days.


  1. Giggled like a school girl when I saw what was in my inbox this morning:)
    *applauds* Lovely interview, though yes, he does remind me a lot of Darcy now:)
    Now, what is the name your sister gave the horse? I must know! Please? Pretty please?
    And I'm so sorry you're sick - not fun. Drink lots of water! And absolutely no sugar.
    Oh, and yes, my vote is for Celeise.
    Get well soon, Belle!

    1. Haha, I'm glad that it brought some measure of joy. ;)
      And thanks! :) Um... I'd have to ask my sister to remember it. It was something along the lines of Mega Awesome Black Back Horse, or something ludicrous like that. :P
      Yeah, well I'm getting better now. Granted it got a lot worse first, but it's better now mostly. :)
      Haha, one order for Celeise! ;)

  2. That's a really neat way to get to know a character more; it was great fun to read, too!
    I think my vote shall also be for Celeise. Such a pretty name, by the way :)

    1. Thank you! I got the idea of character interviewing from my writing mentor, and I had such fun reading her character interviews, I decided to do it myself. And it really is very helpful. :)
      Aha, it looks like Celeise is leading as of now. And thanks!