Thursday, March 16, 2017

Penning Tournament - The Natural Disaster Challenge

Hopefully this won't seem to rushed, because I assure you that I'm writing this at break-neck speed just so I can post something. I'm sorry it's been a while, but here is the next post, and next challenge in the Penning Tournament.
So, there's a reason that this one is called The Natural Disaster Challenge, and it's not because I'm participating. ;) The challenge is this:
Write at least 1k words, required to be in at least one scene, but allowed to be split into more, of the effects of, or the event of, a natural disaster. Anything from a tornado, hurricane, or typhoon to a volcano eruption, earthquake, or wildfire to a flood, tsunami, or cave-in. Get creative and use any disaster you want. The only catch is that it's due by March the 28th. Good luck to Lucy, me, and anyone else who wants to participate! :)
Again, a reminder is that, due to Lucy's inability to blog this Lenten season, if she finishes this assignment before or with me, then her excerpt will be posted on here either alone, or along with mine. Likewise, if she finishes, her victory post, and the next challenge (which will be set by her) will also be on here. So look for Lucy's lovely writing on this ole place! (Hehe, maybe it will attract more people... You see, haha, evil plot by Belle Anne, mwahahaha!) Let's just hope that my version of this assignment doesn't turn out to be a natural disaster, haha. ;) Yeah... that was a terrible pun, I know. Belle's humor is getting weak. :P Anyways, another reminder, if you need it, on what this tournament is about can found here, and the last challenge can be found here. The location of my fellow tournament competitor's blog is here, at Tanglewebs And Fairy Rings. And obviously you know where to find mine, or else how did you get here? ;) I think that's about it. Around the 28th, I will post updates on the Tournament, and the excerpts of whoever finished the assignment, with a victory post from either me or Luce. After that, one of us will set the assignment, but it will pop up on here.
What do you think of this challenge? Sound as fun as the last one? Better maybe? Think you might participate? If you do, the only rule is to link up here (Lucy's blog would be acceptable also, but she is on hiatus over there at the moment, and so will not see it for a while if you do). I also will read the excerpt, so don't think 'I won't link mine up because Belle is too busy to read it'. I am never too busy to read good literature! So there. ;) Do you think the time frame sounds manageable? Is anybody else frustrated that the pretty picture I tried to design for the Tournament never shows up large enough to read the small type?! Agh! :)


  1. Interesting challenge! :D Good luck to the two of you!

    1. Thanks! I hope Lucy finishes this time, because I don't get to read it unless she does, difortunamente. :P